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Beginner’s Guide to build Content Marketing Strategy 2024

Beginner’s Guide to build Content Marketing Strategy 2024

Ready to build your first ever Content Marketing Strategy?


Content Marketing is easy now, with the help of SEMrush ( a all-rounder SEO tool)

Here is a complete beginner’s guide to build content marketing strategy that will help your content stay ahead of the pack, as mine did.

Check how I boosted one of my blog post which was not doing well from a long time, with the help of SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit. Below are the results after completely modifying my blog post.

after I've after started using content marketing strategy

I’ll show you the exact same method I’ve used in my case.

As a beginner you should catch the basics first.

Let’s get started.I

What is is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy to acquire targeted audience with the help of unique and useful content. This strategy includes creating, publishing and promoting content.

In simple words content marketing is a strategy to introduce your business to targeted audience with the help of useful and problem solving content.

Content Marketing helps a lot in increasing conversion rate, this is because it allows you to educate your audience about your problem solving product/service. This will however help you in increasing sales.

Important steps for content marketing are finding topic, writing SEO optimized content and promoting content. Performing this all steps gets easier with SEMrush’s content marketing toolkit. If you don’t know much about SEMrush check SEMrush Review.

What is SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit ?

SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit is a complete kit of content marketing tools. This Content Marketing Toolkit can help you with everything from finding topics for your content to measuring the growth of your content.

Most of the SEO geeks say you should focus on the quality first then the quantity, but what is you can create quality content in a short time?

It’s GREAT right!

The Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush is specially helpful in creating quality content in short time with it’s amazing and helpful tools.

SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit consists of the following tools:

  • Topic Research
  • Marketing Calendar
  • SEO Content Template
  • SEO Writing Assistance
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Post Tracking
  • Content Audit

Now let us know how this tools are helpful and how you can build your successful content marketing strategy with SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit.


How to build content marketing strategy?

To build content marketing strategy I’m going to take complete advantage of SEMrush’s awesome Content Marketing Toolkit. I’ll highly recommend you to use SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit, as it makes the work much more easier.

Follow the steps to build a successful content marketing strategy.

#1 Find a Topic

Go to SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit dashboard and try it for free. The dashboard will look like the one below.

To find a topic first you should know what your audience is interested in. For example let us assume I own a website related to dogs, I know my audience is mostly interested in dog diet plan.

The same way you should know what your website is related to and what your audience in interested in. After that enter the topic in the dashboard. In my case I’ve entered “dog diet” then click on get content ideas. (SEMrush will take few second to collect the data)

Here are the results for my search.

this are the subtopics to find topic for content, to build content marketing strategy.

You will find various subtopic related to your main topic along with their search volume.

Find the one best suitable topic for your audience.

Click on the subtopic to know what people are searching related to that topic, you can also find top 10 headlines related to that topic as shown below.

Selecting topic to write and build content marketing strategy.


These all are the topic people are searching related to dog food. Which however means that people are facing problem with this following topics.

Therefor you can include this following topics in your content to make it a problem solving content, which in return will get more growth.

This is because if you solve the problem the percentage of people shearing your content will increase. Also visitors will stay long on your page which give positive single to google about your content.

#2 Create a Plan

You should have a plan, a schedule to work. SEMrush has a great tool named Marketing Calendar. This tools help you to create a plan and schedule for your work and help you do the work before the deadline.

Marketing Calendar is specially helpful for organizations working with multiple team members, to assign work and give deadline, where you can also constantly monitor the work.

The Marketing Calender tool help you to ensures all the work get finished on time. This is very import when building a content marketing strategy.

To create a working plan for content marketing go to Marketing Calendar then click on add camping select the period and color for your camping.

using semrush marketing calendar

After that, you can see your camping on marketing calendar for selected period of time with the color indication. You can click and edit the camping later if you want.

After creating a camping you can easily add activities, which can work as your to do list or it can also help you to plan your goals.

To add a activity click on any date in the camping, then add a name and choose dead line to perform the activity on time. Then click on open in editor to manage the activity.

managing activities in marketing calendar

You will now be able to add description to you activity. This will help your team mates to know more about the activity.

On the right hand side you can add tasks to do for the particular activity, for example I have named the category “Create Banners” here I can add tasks like “add logo in the banner”, “use bright colors”, “publish the banner on social media”, etc.

Below the description you can also attach files related to this particular actives. As in my case I can attach the image of logo to add in the banner.

Finally, set status for the activity. You can set status like “in process” when the activity is still in process. After completing all the tasks you can change the status to “requires approval” after getting approved you can set the status to “done”. This will help you to monitor the progress of the activities.

To track your camping progress you can also connect marketing calendar to Google Analytics from “performance tab”. After doing so you can track every metrics of your website right from performance tab.

Such a GREAT tool right? Actually one of the best tool to create plans and track progress.

Now let’s move towards the next step to build content marketing strategy.

[convertkit form=1613504]

#3 Analyzing the top ranking websites.

Analyzing the top ranking websites gives you a quick idea on what you should add into your content to take their place. It is also one of the important step of content marketing strategy .

To analyze top ranking website I use SEMrush’s another great tool named SEO Content Template.

After finding the topic and creating a working plan, move towards SEO Content Template and enter the keyword you want to rank for.

SEMrush then analyzes all top 10 website for your targeted keyword and give you content recommendations. 

This recommendations includes text length, readability score, related keyword to include in your content. SEO Content Template tool also shows you how and where your competitors are using the keywords in the content.

using seo content template for content marketing strategy

In bonus this tools also recommends you few website related to your topic, to help you acquire backlink, as you can see below.

backlink recommendations for content marketing.

After analyzing the results shown by SEO Content Template, now it’s time to start writing your content.

#4 Start writing your content

SEMrush’s content marketing tool kit also has a toll named SEO Writing Assistance, which helps you to write SEO optimized content.

You can easily get SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistance add on for google docs and wordpress.

If you are someone who hire content writers than too SEO Writing Assistance is a helpful tool for you. As it allows you to check the uniqueness of the content. Hence you can make sure the writer you hire has not copied the content from other website.

SEO Writing Assistance also shows you data like SEO potential, length of the content, keyword density, linking, semantically related keywords, etc.

SEO writing assistance for content marketing.

You can also check total errors in the content so you can make changes accordingly. Therefore, with SEO Writing Assistance you can optimize your content perfectly to rank on search engines.

How to use SEO writing assistance with wordpress?

To use SEO writing assistance with WordPress log in to WordPress account first.

Then go to plugins and search for plugin named “SEMrush SEO writing assistance” (or) click here.

After that, install and activate the plugin. Then go to the post where you want to use SEO writing assistance and “click on connect SEO content template”.

You are done!

How to use SEO writing assistance with google docs?

To use SEO writing assistance with Google docs go to G Suit Marketplace and search for SEO writing assitance (or) click here.

Then click on install button. After that give permission to run SEO writing assistance, after you click on show you will see a side bar on the right side, where you can use SEO writing assistance along with Google docs.

After you are done with writing the content publish it.

Now let’s move towards next step of building content marketing strategy.

#5 Analyze your brand mentions

To know who mentions your brand or your competitor is very important to boost up your content. As important it is the more time it takes to analyze brand mentions manually.

To save your valuable time SEMrush’s content marketing toolkit has a feature called Brand Monitoring. This is one of my most favorite feature offered by SEMrush.

SEMrush’s Brand Monitoring tool helps you to know if someone has mentioned you or your competitor in their content. The great thing is Brand Monitoring can track mention of any other word or phase apart from your brand.

You might be wondering how is it helpful? Here we go.


I will show you how to take complete advantage on Brand Monitoring tool.

Go to Brand Monitoring tool and enter your “brand name”. Then click on also include words and enter your “competitor’s brand name” and “topic related to your website”

using brand monitoring tool to start content marketing

After that, SEMrush will analyze all the website and send you a weekly email on Monday with the list of new mentioned to keywords you submitted.

Knowing about who mentions your brand can also help you know if someone is spreading negative thoughts about your brand.

Also if someone has mentions you but haven’t liked to your website you can reach out to the website owner and ask him/her to link at your site.

Knowing your competitors brand mentions can help you know if someone has linked to their site, if so you can reach out to the website who mentioned your competitor and probability of you getting mentioned on their site is high.

When someone mention to the topic related to your website SEMrush will notify you with an weekly email report. After that, you can reach to the website owner and send them an email saying,

“hi (his/her name),

I am (so & so). Recently I visited your website. I love the way you write. Content on your website provides great value to readers. I loved it so much that I have shared your content on my social media profiles.

(Link to your shared post)

I have also read this post (one of their post) on your website where you have mentioned (your keyword). I have a detailed explanation of (your keyword) on my website. Feel free to check it,

(Link to your post related to the keyword)

P.S It would make my day if you link to my post where I’ve explained about (your keyword)

Talk Soon,
(your name)”

This will help you build more backlinks to your website, which however helps your content to grow online.

#6 Track your success

After publishing your content and working hard for backlinks it’s time to track the performance of your content. To track the performance of content SEMrush’s Content Marketing toolkit has a feature named “Post Tracking“.

Go to Post Tracking tool and enter the URL to your page of content. SEMrush will then constantly analyze and monitor the page.

After that you can see the report in Post Tracking tool. You can find data like number of people shared your content on social media or number of backlinks you gained after publishing the content.

measuring content progress for content marketing strategy.

This tool can also be used to track the progress of your competitor’s content page. Therefore this one of the most important tool used for content marketing strategy.

Tracking your progress is really important, it let’s you know if your content is growing every day or getting down. This is helpful because if your content is not doing well you can get back to the work and fix all the mistakes you have made, or if your content is touching the sky it’s your rest time now.

#7 Improving your published content

You should always keep a eye on every post (content) on your website. Sometimes you might have noticed, few content on your website won’t even come up in google’s top 100 result.

This is probably because your content is missing some important concept or is out dated. I use SEMrush’s Content Audit tool to keep a eye on every post I published on my website, this makes content marketing much easier.

To keep you content up to date go to SEMrush’s Content Audit tool, enter your website select the sub folder you want to audit.

Selecting sub folder to use content audit

After starting your content audit SEMrush will take a few seconds to analyze your website. Then connect your google analytics tool with your SEMrush account. After that SEMrush will devide your all the content on your website into four category. This categories are:

using content audit for content marketing strategy

1. Rewrite or remove

Posts published two years ago and have less than 15 views in the last one month comes under rewrite or remove.

2. Need to update

Posts published 6 months ago and have less than 15 views in the last one month comes under need to update.

3. Quick review

Post published with in last 6 months and have more than 150 views in the last one month comes under quick review.

4. Poor content

Posts with the length of less than 200 words come under poor content.

These great features of content audit tool by SEMrush has made it a essential tool to build content marketing strategy.


Which is best tool for content marketing ?

SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit is the best tool for content marketing.

What is content marketing in simple words ?

content marketing is a strategy to introduce your business to targeted audience with the help of useful and problem solving content.


Complete process of building content marketing strategy.

I have explained how you can build content marketing strategy as a beginner to boost up your content with the help of SEMrush’s content marketing toolkit.

Now I’d like to hear from you which tool from content marketing toolkit you liked the most?

Let me know by commenting down right now.

Also do check my social media profiles.

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