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SEMrush review: Boost your earnings [How I got ranked on Google]

SEMrush review: Boost your earnings [How I got ranked on Google]

In this article I’m gonna review SEMrush and give a complete guide on how to use SAMrush. 

Are you trying to rank higher on google’s SERP? Tried everything out? On-page SEO, off-page SEO, optimizing meta tags, keyword research, etc. 

No results? This is probably because you don’t do proper research before writing your content. In other words you are missing a GREAT tool name SEMrush.

When I say “you are missing a GREAT tool name SEMrush” I mean it. This is not a blind statement. 

In this review I’ll show to you how I used SEMrush to rank my newly created website on google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You too can do this, start today with your 7 days free trial. Also read the complete blog post to know more about SEMrush

What is SEMrush ?

What is semrush

SEMrush is a popular SEO tool used by content writers, bloggers, digital marketers, etc. This tool is specially used for keyword research, competitor analysis, Ad optimization, etc. To know more check SEMrush’s 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL.

SEMrush is known for its accuracy and various tools. It has multiple toolkits used for SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Competitive Research. These all tools are really helpful for a blogger, digital marketer, content writer, etc.
It also can check the SEO potential of a content, which is available for WordPress and google docs. 

In simple words I would say “SEMrush is an all-rounder tool, can help you with everything from researching to promoting content” Read the complete review on SEMrush to know about all the features.

Working of SEMrush as the best SEO tool

SEMrush has around 18.8 billion keywords in its database. It analyzes the first 100 organic results from SERP for each keyword. In other words SEMrush crawls the first 100 sites as a result of SERP for every keyword. 

After analyzing, this data is used for domain and keyword analytics. To make you understand better let’s talk about a USA’s database.

SEMrush’s USA database has 160 Million keywords. 7 Million keywords are updated every day. 1 Million from which are top keywords by search volume, rest 6 Million keywords are randomly selected from 159 Million keywords. 

Repeating these updates all 160 Million keywords by the end of the month.

In conclusion, no keyword will go longer than 1 month without getting updated. This makes SEMrush so accurate and popular among digital geeks. 

SEMrush Review: How is it helpful ?

SEMrush is an SEO tool, which can help you with multiple things aside from SEO, as I mentioned above “SEMrush is an all-rounder tool, can help you with everything from researching to promoting content”

SEMrush Guide all features

In this part of SEMrush’s review, I’ll show you some important SEMush tools and their uses.

Lead Generation: Help you get email subscribers

SEMrush also has a great feature called lead generation. This feature allows you to design a widget for your website. After you have designed a widget you can copy the HTML code and paste it in your website’s sidebar. It will look like something like this.

SEMrush's lead generation

With this widget, you will be able to collect emails of people visiting your website. This will help you with email marketing.

After writing a new post you can shoot emails to your visitors informing them about your new post. This will increase returning visitors to your site and help you build relationships. 

According to a study done by Haley Marketing returning visitors has a low bounce rate and longer sessions. This however provides more value to your website.

Brand Monitoring: helps you get backlink

Brand Monitoring is the most helpful feature provided by SEMrush. This tools helps you monitor your’s or your competitor’s brand, product or service. 

When setting up this feature SEMrush will ask you a list of keywords to keep a eye on. You can add keywords like your brand name or keyword related to content on your post.

After that SEMrush will send you a email every week with the list of new mentions to keywords you submitted, when setting up the feature. However you can also check the report in SEMrush’s dashboard of brand monitoring. 

SEMrush's brand monitoring tool

This report of new mentions to your keywords can help build backlinks.

For instance, let us assume I added a keyword related to content on my website. Every time someone mentions my keyword I will sent them a email saying,

“hi (his/her name),

I am (so & so). Recently I visited your website. I love the way you write. Content on your website provides great value to readers. I loved it so much that I have shared your content on my social media profiles.

(Link to your shared post)

I have also read this post (one of their post) on your website where you have mentioned (your keyword). I have a detailed explanation of (your keyword) on my website. Feel free to check it,

(Link to your post related to the keyword)

P.S It would make my day if you link to my post where I’ve explained about (your keyword)

(your name)”

This will help you get more people linking to your website.


Back Link Audit: Saves you from google penalties

SEMrush’s Back Link Audit save you from Search engine penalties. Back Link Audit will keep a eye on all backlinks to your website. SEMrush will warn you when they find toxic links to website, which could result in google’s penalty. 

When you see a toxic link to your website in SEMrush you can write a email to website owner linking to you, asking him to remove the link.

If the owner didn’t replied or is not removing the link then you can move to link to disavow list. After that, export the list and send to google’s disavow tool (no additional changes requires). Then you won’t get penalty from google fot that toxic link.

PPC Keyword: Helps you find PPC keyword

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This tool is used to create ad campaigns. You can search, manage and create keyword campaign with PPC keyword tool.

With this tool, users can organize keywords at the campaign and ad group level, quickly set negative keywords and export the campaign plan to seamlessly import into Google Ads Editor. 

If you are already running a ad camping you can import it PPC keywords tool and restructure it with the help of SEMrush’s recommendations.

Ad builder: Helps you build ads

Ad builder tool is used after you have structured the camping in PPC keyword tool. Writing ad copy and headlines is a dificut task to do.

This tool by SEMrush is used to research the competition and also helps you in writing ad copy and headlines for PPC camping. Ad builder tool can also help you build display ads. You can also preview the ads with ad builder tool

Organic traffic insights: Helps you monitor your site

To enjoy the features of organic traffic insights tool you first have to connect google search console and google analytics to your SEMrush account.

This tool helps you monitor google search console, google analytics and SEMrush’s report in a single dashboard.

Organic traffic insights tool collects all the data from your google account and show you the exact data in the dashboard. This data includes CTR, average time on page, traffic volume, position of your page in search result, etc. 

Content analyzer : Helps you in improveing content

The content analyzer tool has two main function. One content audit and other post tracking.

Post tacking crawls your posts and help you measure total number of share, backlinks, ranking for a particular keyword, bounce rate etc. This tools basically shows you how your content is performing on internet. 

Post audit help you know which post on your website is old, that needs quick update or which post has the lowest number of social shares. If you have a large website you can also audit a particular sub folder on your website to make your work get easier. 


SEMrush review on plans & price

SEMrush has three plans, they are Pro, Guru and Business. 

[supsystic-price-table id=23]

You can easily save up to 16% on every plan if you subscribe for 1 year at SEMrush instead of a month. This means you can save up to $204 with pro plan, $408 with Guru plan and $804 with Business plan.

SEMrush has reasonable price for each plan. This price is actually very low, as SEMrush various useful features.

What ever plan you choose depends on you, but why not to use the 7 days FREE TRIAL ? I will recommend you to start your 7 days free trial now and proceed with SEMrush if you find it helpful.

SEMrush VS other tools

SEMrush vs Ahrefs

When talking about SEO tools options come in mind other then SEMrush are Ahrefs and Ubersuggest.

This is because Ubersuggest was free in the initial stage, which made it so popular. You can still use it for free but for a limited usage per day. 

On the other hand is Ahrefs, well known SEO tool which was founded in the year 2011.

SEMrush VS Ubersuggest

I will never recommend you to use Ubersuggest. Data processed by Ubersuggest is least accurate.  Ubersuggest is much cheaper when compared to SEMrush, but paying for tool like ubersuggest will never help you grow. Let me show you why I say this. 

Let us start with competitors analysis. I will try this with my own website, let us assume rangolitech is my competitor and I want to know number of backlink this site has.

When I try to find this with Ubersuggest, results looks someting like this

ubersuggest backlink analysis

Ubersuggest shows me “” has zero backlinks, this is completely false. This happens because ubersuggest is not frequently updating it’s database and not crawling website regularly.

Now let’s  the same thing with SEMrush’s competitor analysis. Here are the results

SEMrush backlink

As you see SEMrush shows has 131 backlinks. Such a huge difference between two SEO tools. 

This is because SEMrush frequelty crawls everywebsite and update it’s database, which make SEMrush more accurate.

Therefore, you should not waste your time using free tools or a cheaper tool as the results are not accurate and will not help you grow online. Why not try SEMrush free for 7 days ?

SEMrush VS Ahrefs

In this comparision I will show you how SEMrush is better then Ahrefs or how Ahrefs is better than SEMrush. This will help you select the best one for you as per your requirements.

SEMrush over Ahrefs

  • SEMrush has larger keyword database when compared to Ahrefs
  • SEO Content Template by SEMrush will help you rank faster on google.
  • When using SEMrush you will get addtional features like Social Media 
  • Toolkit, which helps you manage social media profiles.
  • SEMrush also provide data related to PLA & PPC Keywords.
  • When searching for a allrounder tool SEMrush is the best option.
  • SEMrush is more accurate than Ahrefs when tracking postion of your website. It also provides the visibility score.
  • You get complete value for money when using SEMrush

Ahrefs over SEMrush

  • Ahrefs gives you the estimate number backlinks you need to rank on google.
  • It is very easy to contact Ahrefs, whith SEMrush you have to fill forms and take extra time.
  • Ahrefs helps you find brakoen links in your website
  • SEMrush is a bit more costly, but also has addtional features
  • Ahrefs works with multiple search engines, SEMrush only works with google.

SEMrush Review: How I got ranked on Google

SEMrush Review how i got ranked

In this part of SEMrush’s review, I will show you how I got ranked on google using SEMrush. You can do the same to get rank on google.

A few months ago In January 2024, I started a website.

Only after 4 months of starting a website, I started getting my initial visitors from google.  Actually, I didn’t even worked properly for 4 months.

After starting the website I was busy with my exams in the month of February and March.

Guess what ? after finishing my exams at the end of March, when I opened search console I saw my website was already getting around 100 Clicks per day on an average, which is equal to 3K clicks per month. Getting 3K clicks from google on a new website is not a piece of cake.

Below is my Search Console data of first four months January-April 

SEMrush review How I got ranked on google

Now I will show you how I ranked on google with SEMrush using 6 easy steps. I was all set with my new website, the only to do was writing a SEO optimized content. This starts with searching for a keyword. 

#1 Searching a perfect Keyword

As I was working with a new website, I choose to start with long tail keyword. However using long tail keyword is always good even for website with high authority. 

According to a study by Yost SEO, long tail keywords has high conversion rate. Therefore, targeting long tail Keyword is always beneficial.

The problem is how to find a long tail keyword? How to know  the keyword has high competition or low competition? What if you choose a keyword with low competition, got ranked on google but the keyword has zero search volume?

Here comes in SEMrush’s Keyword Analytics, which will help you to:

  • Know keyword difficulty
  • Get keyword ideas
  • Find average search volume per month
  • Know CPC for a particular keyword
  • Search volume of a keyword based on different countries

SEMrush provide deep information which makes it easier for you to find a perfect keyword.

What I do is, go to the Keyword Magic Tool type in the keyword I want to write for. Usually, keyword I choose has higher competition.

When I enter the keyword in keyword magic tool it shows me multiple keywords related to my keyword with it’s keyword difficulty and search volume as shown below.

SEMrush review keyword magic tool

Now I select one of the keyword from this list which has high search volume and low keyword difficulty.

You more likely to rank on a keyword with low keyword difficulty.

#2 Taking ideas from competitors

When I don’t have a keyword in my mind to write on, I check what my competitors are ranking for and try to take their place on google’s search result page.

But, finding keywords your competitor is rank for takes a lot of time. SEMrush also has a solution for this problem.

I go to SEMrush’s Domain Analytics and enter my competitors domain name.

After that SEMrush will gives a complete report on your competitor. This report includes your competitor’s estimated monthly traffic, paid traffic, websites linking to them, etc a long with their top pages by clicks and top performing keyword.

From this list I select one of the keyword I like to write on.

#3 Adding more value to your content with SEMrush

Added: When writing an article or a post you should mention everything related to the topic you are writing on, this makes the visitor stay longer on your website.

Writing deep detailed content also helps you rank higher, increases the value of your content, helps you build trust and your visitor will never visit any other site if you provide deep detailed content.

To do so I use SEMrush’s Topic Research Tool. Enter the keyword in Topic Research Tool. Boom!! everything is done now, no need to spend lot of time to find topics for your content.

You will find a mind map with multiple topic ideas related to your topic, which people are actually interested in. Check the mind map shown below to have an idea.

SEMrushreview: topic research

You can also find questions and headlines related to your keywords in Topic Research Tool by clicking on overview tab. as shown below.

Add this in topics your content to make it more informative. Also a detailed content gets more backlinks when compared to short one. This is because people like to link content that provides deep information. Therefore, Topic Research Tool is a important tool for your content.

#4 Taking recommendations from expert SEO tool SEMrush

After finding all the topics I go to SEMrush’s SEO Content Template and enter the targeted keyword.

SEMrush then analyzes all top 10 website for your targeted keyword and give you content recommendations.

Added: This recommendations includes text length, readability score, related keyword to include and also the website to acquire backlinks. SEO Content Template also shows you how your competitors are using targeted keywords in their content.

Therefore, SEO Content Template is a important tool to rank on google.

#5 Writing Content

Now when I am done with finding keywords, topics and taking SEO recommendations I start writing the content. I use SEO Writing Assistance to check SEO potential of my content.

SEO Writing Assistance is also helpful, if you hire content writers to check the originality of a content. This tool is also useful to improve readability score of your content and tone of voice.

#6 Acquiring Backlinks

Added: After completely writing the content I acquire backlinks to my post with the help of SEMrush. I use the same method I mention above when talking Brand Monitoring.

Added: Click here to move above where I explained how to acquire backlink

These were the 5 step process I used, which helped me rank my new website on google with in months.



I have reviewed SEMrush and explained it’s important tools and features. Also showed you how SEMrush helped me rank on google with my new website.

Now I’d like to here from you how which SEMrush feature you liked the most ?

Let me know by commenting down below right now. Also check our YouTube channel link is in author box below.


Is SEMrush better than Ahrefs?

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs are great tools. I believe SEMrush has great user interface when compared to Ahrefs. Also SEMrush’s keyword database is larger than Ahrefs.

SEMrush price is more or less when compared to other tools?

SEMrush price is a bit more when compared to other tools. This is because SEMrush has multiple tools with better accuracy which is missing in other tools

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