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What Technology Do Self-Adhesive Label Printers Use

What Technology Do Self-Adhesive Label Printers Use

Starting a new business and want a striking advertisement? Do you want to promote an existing business or do you need to label specific products?

Whatever the purpose, self-adhesive stickers are the best solution. As the global label printing market continues to grow, new demands are emerging for manufacturers. Therefore, new printing technologies are appearing. Whether you need labels or ribbons and whether you will implement a barcode on them – you need to choose a good printer. Recent research showed us that the key to this job is a printing technology that will help make your labels exactly the way you want them.

Significance Of Labels

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Have you ever thought about the importance that labels have in our lives? Today, you can label almost everything – from food, drinks, through industrial products, textiles, to medicines. Labels can be made out of different materials. Regardless of the material from which they are made, this group of products has the same purpose – and that is a clear identification of the product. Therefore, in addition to technical and technological requirements for the label, several other issues should be taken into account. The most important of all is usually issues related to costs. However, you should never lose sight of the basic label function: they inform and sometimes even sell the product. Every time labels significantly help the customer to easily find exactly what he is looking for – and in the endless sea of products, that can be very important.

Why Are Self-Adhesive Labels So Popular?

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The importance of adhesive labels is exceptional because they are found on most of the products we buy or use. Namely, they are the most popular because they are also the most practical ones. They are easily glued to the substrate, and they are used for labeling in almost all industries – from food and textile – to the pharmaceutical industry, office products, fun labels, etc. No matter what you need them for, one thing is certain – you need to have a good print on them. For something like that, we most often resort to hiring a printing house. However, some people don’t need huge amounts of self-adhesive labels, so they resort to printing them themselves. Either way, your biggest ally is a good printer for self-adhesive labels.

Self-Adhesive Labels Printing Technology

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Nowadays, the self-adhesive labels we produce usually need to contain certain information, and often a barcode. If you’re willing to use self-adhesive labels in your business – you can find a large selection of printers available. However, according to, before you decide to buy a self-adhesive label printer – you should understand the technology of printing self-adhesive labels. If you need high-quality self-adhesive labels, then you will opt for some of 3 types of printing technologies. Most commonly used are:

  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Ink-Jet

Although some people use laser printers for this purpose – that is not efficient in the long run. Such printers cannot work well on all materials such as synthetic, etc. That’s why thermal printing technology is the best choice.

1. Direct Thermal Technology

This technology uses heat which activates the ink so it will reproduce images on labels. This is usually done in black&white. However, other colors can also be available. You don’t have to use any additional ink, toners, etc. – so this is a technology that pays off. However, the disadvantage of such devices is in their outputs which are not quite durable. We must keep in mind that the paper is highly responsive to UV radiation, high temperatures, moisture, smearing, etc.

2. Thermal Transfer Technology

This innovative technology utilizes heat from the print head, and afterward, makes the purported thermal transfer to the material we use for labeling.

The materials, such as ribbon are usually covered with wax, resin – and sometimes even a mix of both. It works in a way that high temperature is dissolving the covering on the ribbon – and then transfers the desired image. This kind of device can deliver an exceptionally clear and sturdy image in almost all colors and shades. This technology will cost you more – but, it can also give more strong markings and provide a more extensive scope of uses. Such technology gives labels the ability to withstand exposure to UV rays, dampness – but also extremely high or low temperatures, the influence of various chemical substances, scratching, and smearing.

3. Ink-Jet Technology

This sort of printing tosses little spots of ink to make a picture. The spots are so thin and small, more slender than a human hair. The more dots per inch (dpi) – the higher the picture resolution is. Since the nozzles can be obstructed and splash ink on certain media, this isn’t the most ideal decision for printing in case if you need to print barcodes.

What Else You Need To Know When Choosing A Printer For Self-Adhesive Labels?

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Once you know the working technology of printers for self-adhesive labels – you need to know some other things that will help you choose a printer for your needs.

1. Print Volume

Some printers are designed to handle a large amount of label output, while others are best suited for small batches. If you want to use a thermal printer for self-adhesive labels for occasional printing on demand – then print speed is not an issue. However, choose carefully – because you do not want to slow down production if such a printer can not withstand the volume.

2. Maximum Label Size

Different types of printing devices can handle various label sizes. A smaller printer will usually hold labels up to 4-5 inches wide. If you opt for a device that can produce wider labels – you will be able to use more than a larger unit. It can usually take rolls or sheets of stickers less than the maximum width.

3. Connecting

Will your self-adhesive label printer be set up in one place – or do you need a mobile printer? If it will be wired, do you need to connect it via Ethernet, USB, serial, or parallel port? Make sure the printer you selected is equipped to connect to your current network.


When it comes to the working technology of printers for self-adhesive labels is based – we hope things are now more clear to you. Thermal printers are the ones we use for these purposes, and if it is necessary to print barcodes on your labels – then these printers must meet some additional requirements. Fortunately, today you have a great choice when buying a thermal printer for self-adhesive labels. If you need help narrowing your choices and finding the best appliance for your needs, consult experienced salespeople or those who are already professionals in this business.

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