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About Us

History of Rangoli Tech

Rangoli Tech was started on 19 November 2019. Headed by Mr. Hitesh Parmar. The name Rangoli Tech came from the business owned by his family “Rangoli Eps Pvt Ltd“. It is a packaging industry in India, Hyderabad. The idea for Rangoli Tech was a over night single person plan. Motive of this plan was to do something apart from family business.

Founder & Admin

Blogger / Digital Marketer

Mr. Hitesh Parmar is a student of commerce. Who has always believed that studies are not as important as your willingness to do something in life. He is completing his studies and doing other activities like this website. 

Mr. Hitesh has never came out of his comfort zone to do something extra ordinary. People says if you want success you have to come out of your comfort, but why?

According to Mr. Hitesh his comfort zone can find him success, he always follow his own thought and do what he is comfortable with. He defines success as Success is when you are happy and comfortable in life “