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How to promote ClickBank products for free [make 2000$ a month] without a website

How to promote ClickBank products for free [make 2000$ a month] without a website

ClickBank is a massive online marketing platform. I will show you how to promote clickbank products for free and make money online without a website.

At clickbank, product or service providers can find affiliates to promote their products and services on the other hand affiliates can get best product for them to promote. It is one of the most used platform by affiliate marketers.

You too can easily make up to 2000$ a month without working hard. First you have to know more about clickbank.

How does ClickBank works ?

ClickBank is helpful for both product/service providers and affiliates. It is the market place where product creators can get affiliates and affiliates can get products to promote. Here clickbank acts as a middle man and take it’s commission.

Similarly we can also say clickbank acts as a e-commerce platform for creators who creates their product and want to have sales. It also acts as a affiliate market place for affiliate marketers. This is how clickbank works.

How ClickBank helps you make money online ?

How to promote click bank products and make money with click bank

As I said before clickbank is affiliate marketplace for affiliates. Here you will have various types of products to promote as per your requirement like online courses, software, etc.

To make money with clickbank you have to get registered with clickbank as an affiliate. After that you have to select a product from clickbank’s affiliate market place. Here comes in the main step to make money online with clickbank, promoting the product you have selected.

ClickBank will provide you a affiliate link of the product you want to promote. Every time someone purchase something from your affiliate link you will get commission. Now let me tell how to promote clickbank products for free and make 2000$ a month without working hard.

This is how to make 2000$ per month by promoting ClickBank products

Lets assume I have selected product related to affiliate marketing on clickbank.

selecting click bank product to promote

By promoting this affiliate marketing training course you will earn almost around $57 with ever sale. Therefor you have make 35 sales a month to earn 2000$ per month. This means you just have to around 1 sale per day. You can make one sale per day by promoting the product for free. The ways to promote clickbank product for free without website is listed below

Can you promote ClickBank products without website ?

Yes, you ca promote clickbank products for free without website, it is very easy to do so. In today’s era of social media you can reach to thousand of a people a day and can make tons of sales with your affiliate link. The only thing you should do is reach the correct person.

Many people out their on YouTube and other platforms will say you just send you affiliate links in text messages telling “hey check this awesome product to do so and so” this won’t work.

Why not to send text messages with affiliate link ?

Reaching out the correct person to promote the product is really important. For instant let us think you are going to a bald man and asking hi to buy your hair oil, this is the worst thing you can do ever. Hence reaching out to the correct person is important.

How to promote ClickBank products for free ?

6 best ways to promote clickbank products for free without website.

1) Promote ClickBank products on Facebook

how to promote click bank products on facebook

Face Book is one of the most used social media platform. It is the largest social media platform with around 1.69 billion active users. Therefor it is the best place to promote clickbank products for free. Many people also use Facebook ads to promote their affiliate link. I will show you how to do it for free.

Best way to promote clickbank products on Facebook for free are Facebook groups and pages. Search for groups related to your affiliate product. After that, post a picture or video related to your affiliate product with your affilaite link.

It is true that many people won’t approve your post on their page or group. However it is also true that many people allow all type of post on their group and page.

Posting on others groups and pages is not good it you want to continue doing it create your own page or group on a particular niche to promote clickbank product for free. So select a niche for your Facebook group.

Selecting niche means selecting a topic for your blogging website. Some of the examples of Facebook group niche are fashion group, tech group, gaming groups etc. You can select one based on your interest and invite people to join your group. Then you can promote products from clickbank related to your Facebook niche

2) Promote ClickBank products on YouTube

Promoting click bank products on youtube

YouTube is the second most used search engine after google all over the world. Even though it is even very easy to grow on YouTube. Influencing people on YouTube with videos is much more easier than writing content on blog post.

To get sales from blogging website you really have to work hard. YouTube is very easy when compared to blogging specially if you are a beginner in blogging. People also like and trust videos more when compared to reading blogs. Hence YouTube is one of the best way to promote clickbank products.

To promote clickbank products on YouTube you can make a review video reviewing the product you want to sell. (be host with you review) You can also make videos related to the product you want to sell.

For example I want to promote a affiliate marketing course, so I will make a YouTube video related to “how to build career in affiliate marketing” and live a link in the description with the course you want to promote.

3) Promote ClickBank products on Instagram

how to promote click bank products on instagram

Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users. It is one of the most popular social media platform used by every one from children to adults and old men. Hence it could be one of the best place to promote products from clickbank to earn some commission.

The technique to promote products is similar to one we used to promote on Facebook. You have to create Instagram them pages which is completely free. After that add link to your affiliate product in the bio.

For example I want to promote a online course on making money online then I will start a them page and start uploading post related to making money online. People interested in making money online will follow you page and click on you affiliate link from the bio.

Additional earning can also be done with through sponsored post on them pages if you got high audience engagement. This sponsored post can help you get more money even when you sleep Building trust and engagement with audience/viewers in important.

4) Promote ClickBank products on Pinterest

How to promote click bank product on pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite platform to promote products or your own business. Many people don’t know pinterest or it’s potential to promote your product or business. According to a article at Neil Patel’s website pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet on twitter.

To start promoting clickbank products on pinterest you have to register as a business account on pinterest to use the complete potential of the platform. Before that check this guidelines for pinterest business account.

Promoting clickbank products on pinterest is much easier than other platforms. As many people also use pinterst to search for product they are willing to buy.

To start promoting on pinterest you have to create a attractive pin than your competitor to attract users. viewers will click on your affiliate link which is available with your pin if they find your idea interesting.

For example I want to promote a this post than I will create a pin like this and add a link to my blog post.

You might be wondering how do I design pins like this one ? Creating pins like this is really easy. Use Canva to design pins like this or any type of image you want to post on any platform, infect all the images on my blog posts are usually designed on canva.

Also check and follow my pinterest business account to know more.

5) Promote ClickBank products on Quora

Promoting click bank product on quora

Quora is platform which can help you promote your affiliate product. It is the platform where people gain and share knowledge. To promote your clickbank affiliate product you have to register with quora and select the fields or categories of questions you can answer to.

Quora has huge audience who ask questions and share answers. Your written answer can also get ranked on google if you provide the complete information. Therefor you can reach to multiple people with quora.

Answer the questions related to your affiliate product and add a link to you affiliate products in the answer. Firstly you should know quora don’t like spammers and one who wants to promote their products on quora. Therefor you should think for quora’s profit as well.

Quora will help you in return you have to help quora by answering some additional question without placing your affiliate link. Check my quora account to have a idea. If you link to you product in every question you answer the chances for your account to get ban on quora are high.

6) Promote ClickBank products with guest posts

Promoting click bank with guest post

Guest post is your piece of content published on someone else’s website. Many bloggers allow guest posting on their website. You too can write article on someone else’s website.

To write guest post and promote your affiliate products you have to should first have experience in SEO and content writing. The article you write should be unique and provide value to the users. After that write topic related to your affiliate products on someone’s website with your affiliate link.

To search for website related your topic which allows guest post, search the following terms on google followed by topic you want to write. Example : (your topic)”words given below”

  • “guest post”
  • ” write for us”
  • “want to write for”
  • “submit guest post”

Searching this on google will help you reach website which are related to topic you want to write and accepts guest posts. Then you can start promoting your clickbank affiliate products for free.


These are 6 platforms which will help you promote clickbank products for free even without a website. I personally use pinterest and quora to make my sales.

Now I’d like to here from you:

Which platform are you going to use to promote your affiliate products from clickbank ?

May be I did’t mention your favorite platform to promote clickbank products for free.

Let me know by leaving down a comment below right now. Also check other post on our website you will find everything relating to making money


How much can a beginner earn from ClickBank ?

A beginner can earn around $2000 per month by promoting clickbank products.

Is ClickBank safe to use ?

Yes, clickbank is completely safe to use. It is one of the most trusted market place of affiliates. Many big affiliate marketers also use clickbank to earn profit.

Who is number one ClickBank affiiate ?

Robby Blanchard is the number one clickbank affiliate. He earns around $1 million per month.

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