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How to earn money as a student in India (no investment)

How to earn money as a student in India (no investment)

You are a school/college student living in India, pocket money you get is not enough?

No worries, I will show you how to earn money as a student in India with less or no investment.

All the methods I’m going to list in this post are completely genuine and unique, which will really help you earn good money as a student.

Let’s get started.

How much can you earn as a student in India?

I will explain you everything in detail and show you my story, how I started earning as a student in India with no investment?

When I was in my 10 standard as a student I started blogging by creating a WordPress blog for free. Then I also started doing affiliate marketing and started dropshipping in India. You too can do stuffs like these and earn money as a student in India by reading the methods listed below.

As a student you can easily earn up to ₹15,000-20,000 per month along with your studies in India. You also earn more, it completely depends on your skills and time you invest.

I will show you both online and offline methods of earning as a student in India.

First let’s start with online methods.

Online methods to earn money as a student in India?

online methods to earn money as a student in India

When talking about earning money online many people suggest you to go to survey website, however this all doesn’t work in real. Here I will show you few genuine ways to earn real money as a student in India.

1) Freelancing

Freelancing is a popular method of earning money online as a student right from your home. Most of the people in United States have adopted freelancing as their full time career. It is not much popular in India, but you can start it to earn enough money as a student.

A freelancer works for multiple clients depending on his capability. He is not known as a employee, he works on a contract based on his skills. A freelancer has great Independence when compared to a employee working for a particular company. He can work at any time and from any where all over the globe.

Freelancer performs one time work, for which companies can’t hire employee for a long period (eg. creating logos, websites, advertisements, etc)

Steps to become a Freelancer

starting free lancing in India to earn money as a student

It is really easy to become a Freelancer in India as a student. You might be wondering what could I do as a freelancer?, I know nothing to do. (or) How would I be able to find clients for my work?

Well, nothing to worry about I will solve your every problem and help you earn money as a student in India.

step 1: Get register as a freelancer

There are many website or marketplaces online like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. who let’s you signup as a freelancer and can help you find clients. These websites take a small percentage of your revenue, which is completely fare.

Now let’s talk about what you can do as a freelancer, in case you don’t have any specific skills like video editing, photo editing, graphic designing etc.

Step 2: Find work to do as a freelancer

If you are a skilled person in any particular category you can easily find work on Fiverr or Upwork.

What about it you know nothing to do as a freelancer?

Marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork has great customer base. Here clients also hire freelancers for really easy work, which can be done without experience. Here are few examples

Removing background from the images, which can be done by any one easily. You can search on YouTube if you don’t know how to do so. It is really easy and people are charging around ₹400 for this. Why don’t you do the same?

people earning money as a student in India

You can also find many services like this which doesn’t require much experience and can be learned easily like creating Facebook banners, covers etc. You can do most of the graphic designing stuff easily from Canva.

Step 3: Create your Gig

Gig is a service you sell online, it has all the information related to your service and it’s pricing. You can create your gig as soon as you sing up as a freelancer on Fiverr.

I will recommend you to not focus on earning initially and work with very less or no money. After gaining some experience and building your portfolio you can charge high amount for your service.

2) Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a another popular way of earning money as a student in India. You can start dropshipping business in India initially without any investment, but as you start working longer with dropshipping you have to spend money on advertising.

In this type of business you own a online e-commerce store which requires no money in the initial stages. The best thing with dropshipping is you don’t need to store a product to sell on your website. You don’t even need to worry about shipment of the product. Here is how this all works (check the image below).

How to earn with dropshipping in India?

I have already published a post on how to start dropshipping business in India with no investment on my website. Therefore I’ll explain you in short, if you want to know more check this post.

To run a dropshipping business in India you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Build a online store ( doesn’t required technical skills)
  2. Find a supplier
  3. Find a product to sell on your website
  4. Promote your dropshipping store

With this simple steps you can start your own online dropshipping business and earn money in India.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Earning money with affiliate marketing as a student in India

Affiliate Marketing is the most used method of earning money online. It is a marketing strategy where people get commission for every successful purchase of goods or services from their referral/affiliate link.

In simple words a particular business will pay you commission for promoting their products or services. This commission is a certain percentage of total value of goods or services. Earning potential is very high in affiliate marketing.

Steps to earn from affiliate marketing in India

Most of the people think affiliate marketing is much complicated and hard to do, but it is not. Affiliate is just a piece of cake, people do it in the wrong way which makes it much complicated.

One can start affiliate marketing without having a website or without investing a lot of money. Here is how you can do so.

Step 1: Find a affiliate program

Finding a affiliate program is the first most step to become affiliate marketer. You should become affiliate of a company only if you think their products are good for clients, in short you should never promote improper products.

You can know if a company has affiliate or not by searching on google “company name+affiliate program”. For example, I want to know if godaddy has affiliate program or not? I would then search “godaddy affiliate program” then I can join their affiliate program from google’s result

Step 2: Sign up as an affiliate

After you you have selected the affiliate program go to their website and sign up as an affiliate. You can also visit marketplaces like Share a Sale, Click bank, etc. Where business owners can find affiliate for their product and affiliate marketers can find product to promote.

Step 3: Promote your affiliate link

This is most important part of being an affiliate marketer. You have to promote the product with your affiliate link to earn commision on every sale.

Most of the people think it is important to invest money to promote affiliate products, but it is not true. You can also promote affiliate products for free. I have also published a post on my website related to how to promote clickbank product for free and make up tp $2000 per month. Therefore I’ll explain you in short for more details check this post.

You can use Facebook groups and pages to promote your affiliate products for free. Other great options to promote affiliate products for free are Quora, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

4) Start Transcription

Earning money with transcription as a student in India

You can earn around $15-$22 per hour with Transcription. Transcription is type of job you can do from anywhere for anyone all over the globe. In this job you will be given a audio file which you have to listen and type in a document.

In short you have to convert audio version of a file to written version.

How to start transcription?

Anyone who know to write English can join transcription job and earn up to $15-$22 per hour. Sign up as a transcriber to earn money as a student in India

You will find many websites online like Transcribe me, Go transcript, etc. Who provides transcription jobs. Visit these site and register your self as a transcriber.

5) Earn with Meesho reseller app

Meesho is an app available on both app store and play store. This app can really help you earn decent amount of money as a student in India. Also their are many money earning apps available on play store and app store

To let you know, Meesho is only available in India. It is an e-commerce app. Many people earn around ₹3000-₹5000 per month with meesho. You can also earn more it depends on your networking and bond with people.

Meesho has various products listed on their app like clothing, cosmetics, etc. This app allows you to share the images of the product and let you decide your profit merging. The best thing is cash on delivery is also available on this app.

How to earn with Meesho reseller app?

Earning money on Meesho is really simple. You can earn money by sharing ordering products for your friends or anybody you know. Also you can decide your own profit on the app.

You don’t have to take care about the product, it’s shipment and payment methods. Here is how you can earn with Meesho reseller app in India.

Step 1: Download the app

Go to play store if you are using android device or go to app store if you are using iOS device and download Meesho.

Step 2: Find a product

Find a product on Meesho app that your friends would like to order. You can ask them by sharing the images and description on the product.

Step 3: Share the product

After finding a great product you can share the product with your friends on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. Don’t forget to add your profit on the app.

After the product gets delivered the delivery man will collect total amount including your profit, which will letter be added to your bank account.

This were the few methods for online earning money as a student in India. Now let’s check how to earn money offline as a student in India.

Offline methods of earning money as a student in India

Offline methods of earning money in India as a student

Most of the Indian students want to work from home and earn good money, but working offline is also great. You can’t start earning right from day one in online except in few cases, but when working offline you can get paid right from day one and you get to explore new places.

When I say working offline it doesn’t mean working for a company or doing hard work in a store. I will show you how you can earn money offline as a student in India being self employed.

1) Become a delivery man

Become delivery man to earn money in India

You can find multiple apps on play store which allows you to work as a delivery man. The best thing with this apps is you can work according to your time schedule, you don’t have to miss your classes or study hours when working.

These apps also pays you decent amount of money. Many people use these apps and work as a delivery man for their full time carer. However you can also work as a part time worker or temporary worker.

How to become delivery man in India

Anyone can become a delivery partner for any company. You don’t have to qualify any of the interview also a uneducated person can join as a delivery man.

All you need to have is a Vehicle, Vehicle’s RC, Driving Licence, Adhara Card and Pan Card. If you have all these you can become a delivery partner by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Find a company to work for

There are many companies available who hire delivery mans like Swiggy, Zomato, Big Basket, Uber Eats, etc. Also you can become a bike rider for and work as a bike taxi for companies like Ola, Rapido, Dunzo, etc.

Step 2: compare 2-3 companies

You should always compare 2-3 companies when working as a delivery man or a bike rider. This will help you find the best suitable job as per your comfort.

Step 3: Register as a delivery partner

After finding a company to work with you can go to their delivery partner apps or website to register yourself as delivery man. After that select the time of your work and start riding your bike to earn money.

2) Start tutoring

Starting tutoring to earn money offline in India as a student

If you are a college students you can start tutoring school students. Even if you are a school student you can start tutoring kinder garden students at you home. This absolutely requires no investment and it is a good source of earning for you as a student in India.

You can easily earn up to ₹5,000-₹10,000 per month just by invest 2 hrs of time par day which is actually a good amount. As a tutor you can easily manage your daily life expenses as a student.

If you are very good in studies and tutoring you can also start your own youtube channel to teach students all over the globe. Also you can join apps like Unacademy, Byju’s , etc.

3) Part time jobs

Doing part time jobs to earn money in India

You can get part time job in your city. Places like Domino’s, MacDonald’s, KFC, etc. usually hire people as a part time employees. Working at this places is really fun. You will never get bored or tired when working in places like Domino’s and MacDonald’s as these places are great and always filled with people. Therefore everyday is something new at these places which makes working much interesting.

Also you will get decent amount of salary and you won’t to do heavy or hard work. Along with this all you will also gain experience of working and you will learn time management as well.

You can also join as a delivery man in this places if you own a vehicle.


Which is the best way of earning money as a student online or offline?

Both online and offline methods of working and earning money are great. However this totally depends on your skills and amount of time you can invest for work.

Can I start earning as a student in India without investment?

Yes, you can easily start earning as a student in India without investment. One of the best example to earn money without investment is freelancing.

Is it good to join Delivery jobs when studying as a student?

Yes, it is completely good and great to join delivery men jobs when studying as a student. You just need to have a driving licence and a vehicle.


These were the few methods of earning money online as a student in India. I have explained you both online and offline methods of earning with complete detail to start earning as a student, which doesn’t requires any investment.

Now, I’d like to hear from you which method you liked the most? and how are you going to start your earning as a student,

Let me know by commenting down below.

Also do check my social media profile.

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