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CONVERSIO BOT REVIEW | Build Chatbot in Few Clicks

CONVERSIO BOT REVIEW | Build Chatbot in Few Clicks

Conversio Bot  says that it can help you increase your conversion rates and get you more leads. But, is it true? Let us check, this is a conversio bot review based on my experience of using it.

I’ve personally bought conversio bot’s premium lifetime membership and I am going to share my experience of using the software. We don’t write anything related to a product without actually using it. This will help you find, conversio bot is right choice for you or not.

Lets get started with the conversio bot review!

conversio bot review

Conversio Bot is a software that helps you build your own chat bots without knowing a single line of code. Chat bots are really good to engage the user on your website. This technology also can help you with building relationship with the visitor on your website.

Conversio Bot has a user friendly interface, even a new person in the marketing world can build chat bots with the help of conversio bot. Just copy and paste a single line of code on your website provided by conversio bot and your bot is 100% ready for working.

This chat bots then can be used to engage user on your website, or to increase sales by giving discount coupons through chat bots when the customer tries to leave the site. 

How Conversio Bot can be Helpful?

As said by the company, “Conversio Bot can help you generate more leads and generate more sales”. But, how can a simple chat bot have so big impact on the conversion rates?

Let me explain, Conversio bot has various pre built chat bot templates that requires almost no changes. You can use the same template on your website, to do so you will just need to copy a code from conversio bot and past it in your website.

After that, chat bot by conversio bot will automatically start working and help you generate more leads. 

Click the button below to see one of the preview bot I have choosen from conversio bot’s prebuilt templates and made no changes.

Who can get most benefits with Conversio Bot?

Conversio Bot is a build for all type of software. This is because Chat Bots can be used by any website or business to boost their results. Some of the examples where chat bots by Conversio Bot are already in use are:

  • Blogging website (just like this one)
  • News Websites
  • Business websites
  • Web Development Agencies
  • Real Estates Agencies
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Consultants and many more… 

Which business or organization don’t want to get more leads or generate more sales? Everyone wants it right? This is reason behind Conversio Bot’s success in todays market. Conversio Bot can really help you build a mail list and engage audience on your website. 

This software is so useful that, even people who don’t have a website can use this software to earn some good profit. Yes, it is true! Let us know more about it. 

How to use Conversio Bot to earn profit without website?

Many people who use conversio bot don’t know that conversio bot pro comes with a commercial license. This means you can sell bots build using conversio bot to some other agencies or companies to make profit.

As a beginner you can use platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to find clients who are looking for chat bots. Once you approach the client you can use Conversio Bot to build chat bots within minutes! 

For doing this simple work you can charge anywhere from $250-$500 per every chat bot you build. You can have a look below how much people charge to build a chat bot.

selling chat bots build with conversio bot

Conversio bot Review: My Honest Opinion

As I have mentioned before I’ve personally purchased the premium membership of coversio bot with all the upgrades. Therefore, I will share my review based on my experience of using chatbot as a fresher.

After purchasing the software I’ve received an email with my log in credentials. As soon as I logged in I was shown a video on how I could sell chat bots to earn money. Honestly speaking I had no interest in reselling  the chat bots I wanted to use it for my own websites. 

Conversio Bot is really easy to use software, even tough if you don’t understand the software they also provide videos to learn everything perfectly. You can see below to know how the training dashboard looks like.

I didn’t watch a single video, because it was really easy to it by myself. I used one random bot from the pre built templates for testing purpose and it worked perfectly! 

Now talking about the results after using conversio bot. Results may not be the same for everyone when talking about a software. Results varies from site to site and business to business, someone might see a huge boost after using conversio bot and someone might just find a slight improvement. Results depends on many other factors as well.

We have requested Conversio Bot to provide a 30 day money back guarantee for our viewers. Therefore, we recommend you to initially buy Conversio Bot and test it your self with your business or agency. However, later if you don’t like the software you can get your money back within 30 days of purchasing the software.

What is the cost of Conversio Bot?

Conversio Bot has two version of product which you can buy. The first one is chatbot live and other one is chatbot pro.

Conversio Bot Lite for $27

  • No Unlimited Chatbots
  • No Multi-Site License (Install On Unlimited Websites)
  • No 10 Done-For-You “AI Chat” Templates (Includes ECommerce, Lead Generation & List-Building) (RRP: $197)
  • No FULL Commercial License (Sell Your Bots)
  • You can’t Add Bots To External Websites  

Conversio Bot Pro for $37

  • Unlimited Chatbots
  • Multi-Site License (Install On Unlimited Websites)
  • 10 Done-For-You “AI Chat” Templates (Includes ECommerce, Lead Generation & List-Building) (RRP: $197)
  • FULL Commercial License (Sell Your Bots)
  • Add Bots To External Websites You Don’t Control (Useful For Affiliate Marketers Linking To Vendor’s Website)

Special Discount for our viewers!!

Our viewers have a chance to get 10% instant discount on the Chat Bot pro. This offer is only for a limited period of time. 

Conversio bot is soon planning to charge monthly subscription for their software. Therefore I highly recommend you to buy the software now for 37$+10% instant instant discount. Click the button below to activate your instant discount.

Don’t hesitate before buying the product you have 30 days Money Back Guarantee, get your money back anytime if you dont like the product.


This was the review of conversio bot, a software that can help you build chat bots for websites without knowing to code. I have shared my honest opinion about the software and shared 10% instant discount link for our viewers.

Any questions related to this post? If yes, then please comment them below. We will feel great to answer all of your questions.

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