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7 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing for beginers

7 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing for beginers

Here are 7 easy steps to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Just follow this steps to build your successful career.

  • Step 1. Decide on a platform
  • Step 2. Choose a niche market in which you will enter
  • Step 3. Find an affiliate program to participate in
  • Step 4. Create great content
  • Step 5. Increase the influx of affiliate sites
  • Step 6. Get Clicks on Affiliate Links
  • Step 7. Convert clicks to rewards

Step 1. Decide on a platform

You can do affiliate marketing on any platform.

However, it’s much easier to build your audience and increase your affiliate sales using either the blog or the YouTube channel rather than Instagram.

Starting a blog is now relatively easy and cheap. There are many tutorials online that teach you how to start a blog. What is the best thing? Blogs will only cost you a few dollars a month.

Once you’ve launched your blog , optimize it for your search engine and get a chance to improve your blog’s search ranking . From there, feel free to add affiliate links to your content.

Another recommended platform is YouTube. Creating content and uploading it to YouTube is a free start, making it an ideal environment for many. Again , optimize your video for search and include affiliate links in the video description.

Please note that you should disclose the fact that you include affiliate links (on any platform). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires transparency when earning income from endorsements.

Step 2. Choose a niche market in which you will enter

To be honest, if you start blogging, you’ll face a lot of competitors. Statista predicts that US bloggers will reach 31.7 million by 2024.

The best chance of success is to dig into your niche.

Focusing on a specific category, and choose topic (or theme). For example, the topic of “food” is a very large category. Instead of tackling it, try something more specific, such as “barbecue food.”

Keeping your blog on the topic of your choice will help you build a more focused audience and may be ranked higher on search engines .

The example I’ll show you here is what I did when I built my first site. Instead of talking about “dance” and “hip hop,” I decided to limit myself to “breakdance.” I didn’t know anything about SEO at the time, but I was able to rank it by some important keywords and generate up to 3,000 organic visits a month.

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Step 3. Find an affiliate program to participate in

7steps to start affiliate marketing

You can choose from three types of affiliate programs.

A. High-priced, small-scale affiliate programs

These are niche product affiliate programs that involve high payments.

For example, ConvertKit’s affiliate program pays about US $ 700 per month for just sending 80 customers. However, since this project sells CRM software for small and medium-sized businesses such as creators, the number of potential purchasers is limited. The best way to find affiliate program is to join ClickBank.

Affiliate Program with Cheap Commissions and Large Scales

For example, consider a PS4 game. Many people play PS4, but the average cost of the game is only around US $ 50 and affiliate fees are usually in the single digits. This means that if you’re lucky, you’ll earn $ 2-3 for each purchase.

The advantage of this type of affiliate program is that it often offers a large number of products that you can sell. Take Amazon’s affiliate program as an example. Earn up to 10% commission per item on almost anything Amazon sells.

High-priced, large-scale affiliate programs While

These are affiliate programs for products that can appeal to the masses, they also earn high commissions (translator’s note: so-called mass-market products with high performance fees).

One example is a credit card.

Everyone needs a credit card, and most people use the same credit card company for years (sometimes decades!) .

The downside of this affiliate program is that it attracts affiliate marketers with a lot of expertise and deep knowledge. Some people use spam-like tactics that can’t be beaten.

Step 4: Create great content

For an affiliate site to be successful, you need to create high-quality content that allows affiliate links to fit naturally onto your page.

Step 5: Increase the influx of affiliate sites

You have created great content.

There are three traffic strategies to consider here:

A. Paid traffic

This is what you pay for your site influx.

The advantage of paid traffic is that the inflow occurs the moment you start paying.

However, there are some drawbacks.

First, running ads

B. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a method of optimizing a page so that it will be ranked higher in search engines such as Google.

You’ll get a consistent, passive influx as long as you can rank high in your target keyword search results.

What is SEO measures at the most basic level :

Creating content on those topics (blog posts, product pages, etc.);

Take care of the “technical” things that make these pages top-ranked in search engines ( including link building );

C. Create

A Mailing list You can use the mailing list to communicate with your readers at any time.

Use the mailing list to tell your fans about new content and invite them to come back to your website to check more. This approach leads to more affiliate link clicks and sales.

You can also send an email promotion with affiliates directly to the mailing list.

Step 6. Get Clicks on Affiliate Links

Having great content doesn’t mean that people click on your affiliate links.

There are a few things to consider.

A. Link placement

All affiliate links are at the bottom of the page and users rarely scroll, there are few clicks.

On the other hand, if you link every other word in the introductory text, the content will look like spam.

You need to balance the placement of the links and other factors.

B. Context

Suppose you’re writing an article about the best kitchen knives you can buy for under $ 50.

Step 7. Convert clicks to rewards

In affiliate marketing, you need to make two conversions to make money.

The first conversion is a click to the product page .

You should have 100% control over this behavior. Use the tactics you’ve written so far to increase your chances of getting clicks.

The second conversion is for the visitor to buy the product . For affiliate marketing, the merchant controls checkouts and conversion rates are out of your control. The trick is to find a merchant who has an affiliate program that can convert well in order to play the game in an advantageous way.

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