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How to select a keyword for your Content ?

How to select a keyword for your Content ?

How selecting a perfect keyword helps you ? Selecting a keyword is the first important thing to start you SEO analysis. Keyword are of different types they have different uses. Lets find it out in detail.

Keyword is the term or a word that people search on search engines like google. Every keyword has it’s own search volume and SEO difficulty. 

Search volume is the term which indicated the number of time someone search for a particular keyword. SEO difficulty is what lets you know how difficult is it to rank on a SERP (Searh Engine Result Page) for a particular keyword. Keywords are mainly two types 

1) Long tail keywords:- 

 contains a long text and have a low SEO difficulty or low competition. If you are a beginner you should always start with a long tail keywords because it make you rank easily on search engines. examples for long tail keywords are 

  • How to start online money making blog
  • Top 10 budget camera phones in India
  • Steps to start a business in India Hindi
long tail keyword

2) Short tail keyword :- 

contains a short text length and mostly have a high SEO difficulty. It’s so complicated to rank on a short tail keywords, but they have high search volume. Example for short tail keywords are
  • Best institutions for IIT
  • How to make a website
  • Best webseries

How to select a keyword ?

Choosing a perfect keyword depends on your content. You are a blogger, digital marketer or a E-Business owner. A keyword can drive traffic to your website or blog, but driving in more traffic is not enough to make good money you have to get a good quality traffic.

What is quality traffic ?

Quality traffic can makes more profit for you that requires a perfect or quality keyword. If you are online seller of goods or services or ales running a affiliate program just getting traffic is not enough you will be profited only if there is a conversion ( Turning visitors into paying customers ). When your conversion rate is good you have a quality traffic on your site.

quality traffic

Select a perfect keyword to get high conversion or quality traffic

To select a perfect keyword that drives in quality traffic you first have to identify your customers base.

In case you are a professional who sells a service :-

Example, imagine you are a Digital marketer searching for more clients, you rank first for the targeted keyword “digital marketing”. Your site gets lots of visitors but a very less conversion rate. It’s because people might be searching for digital marketing course and you provide service they go back without any making a conversionInstead you should focus on keyword like “qualified digital marketer” or “digital marketer for my business” People searching for this keyword would give you more profit.

In case you run a affiliate program :-

Example, you run a affiliate program on amazon to promote mobile phone if you rank for a keyword like “best mobile phones” you will get low conversion rate, because visitors are just comparing or knowing about the product. Instead you should tarket keywords like “best online place to buy phone” people searching for this keyword are more likely to give you a conversion.

This is how you should select a keyword for your content or business. Click here to know how to write blog description

My examples were not that good, but my aim was to just explain you the concept of selecting a keyword. Hope you got it, if not no worries ask me questions down in the comment section I will answer them all

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