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How to create Payoneer account? (Step by Step Guide)

How to create Payoneer account? (Step by Step Guide)

I’ll walk you through the details of how to create Payoneer account.

This article is about account registration for Individuals. If you would like to register for a corporate or sole proprietor account , please refer to “How to open a Payoneer account for corporate customers“.

Good items to prepare

You will need to enter your withdrawal bank account information, address on your official ID card, etc.

ID is not required to be submitted when opening an account, but it may be required when a business partner makes a deposit. Be prepared in advance to receive your deposit immediately.

1) Bank account information

To withdraw money from your Payoneer online account to your bank account, you need to register your bank account in advance. Please check the account name written in English as the bank account name will be entered in English.

2) Public ID card with your own face photo Please

upload a scan file / photo of your My Number card, driver’s license, or passport.

Creating Payoneer acoount

1) First, access the landing page for opening a Payoneer account.

2) Click the orange “Register” button

After clicking on the register button you be asked few questions, answer them accordingly.

creating payoneer account

Then you will be taken to the first page of Payoneer account creation.

[Page 1/4] Getting Started

Select “Individual”.

how to create payoneer account
  1. First Name : Enter the name below as on your official ID.
  2. Last Name : Enter the last name as on your official ID.
  3. Email Address : The administrative email address for accessing your account.
  4. E-mail address re-enter : were you entered above “4” E enter your e-mail address again.
  5. Date of Birth : Enter the date of birth on your official ID. The application is limited to those over 18 years old.

[Page 2/4] Contact Details

  1. Country : Select your current country of residence from the pull-down menu.
  2. Headquarters address : Enter in full. (Character limit for one-stage input:  Up to 30 characters. Enter in two stages if necessary)
  3. Prefecture name : Enter the prefecture name of the address.
  4. Zip Code : Enter the zip code. Only numbers, without “-” (hyphen)
  5. Phone type : Select mobile phone or landline phone.
  6. Phone number : Enter the phone number. With or without a “-” (hyphen) is OK.

After entering the mobile number you have to verify your mobile number with the help of verification code sent on your profile.

[Page 3/4] Security details

Page 3 for payoneer account creation
  1. Username : Display the email address entered on the “Introduction” screen
  2. Password : Password to access your account. Must contain at least 7 digits, including letters (az) and numbers (0-9).
  3. Password re-entry : Re-enter the password entered in “2” above.
  4. Security question : Select your secret question from the pull-down menu. You may be asked to answer this secret question when you verify your account or reset your password.
  5. Answer to security question : Enter the answer to the security question in “4” above in half-width alphanumeric characters.
  6. ID (ID) type : Select the ID from the pull-down menu.
  7. ID (ID card) number : Enter the ID card number selected in “6” above. The security measures we employ also meet the legal and regulatory requirements for implementing your due diligence.
  8. Expiration date : Select the expiration date of the ID card entered in “6” and “7” above.
  9. Issuing country : Select the issuing country of the ID card entered in “6” and “7” above from the pull-down menu.

[Page 4/4] It’s about to be completed

  1. Bank account type : Select “Individual” or “Company” from the options given
  2. Bank location : Select the bank location (country) from the pull-down menu.
  3. Currency : Select the currency according to your country.
  4. Bank name (English) : Enter the official English name of the Bank where you have your account, used for withdrawal in half-width English characters.
  5. Branch name : Enter the bank branch name where you have a account.
  6. Account holder name : Enter the name of account holder in your bank.
  7. Account number : Enter the account number in half-width numbers.
  8. Bank Code : Enter your bank code. ( IFSC )
  9. PAN card number: Enter your PAN Card number or (any other ID’s number as asked).
  10. Account type : Select from the pull-down menu. Ordinary, for the time being, savings, etc.
  11. After checking “Terms of Service”, “Electronic Information Disclosure”, “Private Policy”, and “Fee and Fee” , if you agree, check the check box and click the send button.

Wait for the Review

Payoneer account in review

After going through all the four pages of account creation in Payoneer, all your details will get reviewed within the next several business days. Once your application is been reviewed you will receive an email on the provided email address. After which you can receive or send payments via Payoneer.

Important Notice: You will also receive an confirmation email from Payoneer to verify your email address. Do not forget to verify your email address.

After your email is been verified you will receive an email as soon as your account gets approved. Mine took less than 3 hours to get approved. Below is the picture of email I received from payoneer after successfully creating my and reviewing my account.

Payoneer account approved


In this post I have explain your step by step procedure to create payoneer account and receive payments all over the globe. I hope you have understood how to create payoneer account and use it to get paid or pay for online services. Let me know If I have missed something, by commenting down below.

Also feel free to ask any questions related to this post in the comment section.

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