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The Safest Way To Pack Your Computer For A Long Distance Move – 2024 Guide

The Safest Way To Pack Your Computer For A Long Distance Move – 2024 Guide

Moving from one place to another is undeniably hectic. Gathering things of your need and beginning to pack them up seems like a never-ending task. Especially when it comes to expensive gadgets like a computer, there is always the fear of after-move damage. However, if you are looking to plan for a safe move with minimal damage to your dear gadgets, then you are at the right place. Read further to know how you can effectively pack your computer for a long-distance move.

What Do You Need?

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Computers are bulky. They consist of both fragile and sturdy components which take up a lot of space. Especially the monitor occupies a commodious place to be accommodated. In addition to that, there are other devices like keyboards, mice, speakers, printers, and scanners. Therefore, while moving them from one place to another, it is extremely important to fit all of them in the minimum place available. At the same time, it is crucial to ensure that they suffer absolutely no damage during the move. In order to do so, the right packaging materials are of utmost importance. Listed below are a few must-have packaging stuff.

  • Cardboard Boxes: It is always a good idea to keep the boxes with which you first bought your computer. It is because those boxes have been designed for the purpose of safely moving your computer over a certain distance. However, if have already done away with them, you can ask your acquaintances for the same. Make sure that the box you use, is neither too large, nor too small for your computer. It is essential for the monitor to just fit in the box.
  • Bubble Wrap And Packing paper: These two can be considered extremely crucial for safe packaging. They ensure maximum packing efficiency and protection. Therefore, do not forget to have them while packing,
  • Tape: A good quality packing tape is necessary to seam the boxes after packing the computer.
  • Plastic packets: Plastic packets can be used to keep small computer parts, screws, and other necessary things that can easily get displaced.
  • Cushioning Materials: It is understandable that you might not want to invest in Styrofoam inserts. However, you cannot neglect to cushion. Cushioning will absorb the vibrations caused while traveling and prevent damage to your computer components. So, switch to effective alternatives like sponges, towels, thick and soft clothes.

Preparing For The Pack Up

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Once you have all the packing materials in hand, the next step is to prepare for the picking. It is obvious that you cannot just turn everything off and stuff them in respective boxes. So, let’s see what actually should be done.

  • Back-Up the data: This is one of the most crucial steps to follow before packing. Make sure that the information you have in your system remains safe after the move. To do that, taking a backup of your data is the best possible option. To ensure maximum safety, you can back it up twice. One way is to transfer the data to an external device. The other way is to harness the cloud storage service.
  • Measure: To be able to find packing boxes of appropriate sizes, it is essential that you know the precise measurements of your computer components. So grab a measuring tape and start noting down the dimensions.
  • Sort Out The Wiring: Needless to say, there is a complex network of wires, involved in setting up the computer.

While moving, it needs to be removed since it is almost impossible to pack the components, as they are. However, before removing the wires, it is judicious to take a snap of the connection, so that once you arrive at your new place, it becomes easy for you to connect the cords in the proper manner.

Packing Your Monitor

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The monitor needs to be specially taken care of. It houses a number of fragile components that can get easily damaged. Therefore, follow the steps given below to ensure safe packaging. You can also hire a packers and movers company to get the work done seamlessly. If you are planning to move from NY to La, then check out for a hassle-free move.

  1. Disconnect the cables. You will have a lot of wires to deal with. So, be careful and take it slow. Fold the wires and tie a rubber band around so that they do not tangle with each other. Secure them in a plastic bag and put them aside.
  2. Fetch the packing box. Layer its bottom, either with a towel or with multiple sheets of bubble wrap to provide shock absorbance.
  3. Wrap the monitor carefully with packing papers. Seal it properly using tapes. However, make it a point to never use tape directly on the surface of the monitor.
  4. Place the monitor straight, in the box. Fill the gaps with cushioning materials. You can use a variety of stuff for the purpose. Some have been mentioned above.
  5. Seal the box carefully by winding the tape around the box. Make sure that the monitor is completely immobile inside it. This will ensure that it is safe from any direct hits. To check that, you can lift the box and shake it gently. If you feel the monitor, sitting firmly, then know that you are good to go!
  • Note: You can follow the same steps to pack the CPU.

Packing The Other Parts

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There are a lot of devices besides the monitor which is essential for the normal functioning of a computer. To shift them safely, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Remember to use the packing paper as the first layer. To get better results, you can envelop the components wrapped in packing paper with bubble wrap.
  2. It is best if you have preserved the original packing boxes. The appropriate sizes will ensure effective packaging. However, you can also place the components in approximately same-sized boxes. Cushioning will go a long way in saving the part from shocks during traveling.
  3. Be careful with the cables. Use rubber bands or zip ties to pack them. Make sure that you will be able to find them immediately while packing.


Packing might seem like a herculean task. However, the right packaging materials and awareness about the safety prerequisites of packing can make it a piece of cake. If you still feel, it is not your cup of tea, then there are a plethora of packers and movers companies out there, who can make your packaging task as easy as pie.

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