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What Makes A Good Web Design? – 2024 Guide

What Makes A Good Web Design? – 2024 Guide

For a website to attract more visitors and be successful, it needs to perform well, function correctly, be engaging and inviting. As more online platforms are being created, brands need to stand out from all the competition by adopting effective website designs.

If you focus on providing a great experience for each of your visitors through website optimization, then they will be more enticed to trust your brand, which can result in a more successful business. Need a good web design company in Manchester, United Kingdom? Check out Blue Whale Media.

Indeed, there are many aspects to take into consideration when building an efficient website.
This article explains the factors that contribute to a good website design, therefore, helping you to improve the success of your online brand.

The Aesthetic Aspect

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A website that looks simple, welcoming, and visually attractive helps to keep visitors on your page. If too much information is shown on the website, it can be messy and create confusion. Sharing a lot of information does not necessarily result in a better experience.

You can also make sure your site is consistent in the choice of designs by using the same elements and style such as buttons, colors, title sizes, and more throughout each page.
Building a clear and attractive website allows you to build trust with the audience, and thereby can ameliorate your conversion.


As mentioned, putting too much information on your site can lead to an unpleasant feeling. It works the same with colors; you can avoid putting too many different colors on your pages, by using a maximum of 4 tones.

Colors influence our emotions and behaviors, that’s why choosing the right colors in web design helps to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere while making your website look more appealing.

Choice of Images

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As images can speak for themselves, it is essential to provide high-quality images on your website in order to add value to it.

Choosing the right images help the audience engage and take action on your website.

When choosing your pictures, make sure they are relevant, attractive and high-quality.

Also, remember to adjust the size of the images for your website to perform well, otherwise, too many large images can slow it down. Your website will then look trustworthy and professional, which ultimately leads to better conversion.

Easy Navigation

If users cannot navigate easily and efficiently on your website, then it is almost certain that they will get frustrated quickly, which can lead them to abandon the page and visit your competitors’ website. To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is essential to make sure visitors can have access to every bit of information on your website, through optimized navigation.

The navigation should be clear, simple, and intuitive.

This will also help to get better conversion rates and higher visibility.

Communicate Effectively

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Communication is key for entertaining trust between your site and visitors.

Effective communication should be implemented in your web design as it is another way to share useful information that can greatly benefit the audience.If your website shows relevant information tailored to your visitor’s desires and interests, they will be more enticed to spend more time exploring your site.

Good examples of effective communication would be to create strong titles and sub-headlines, using bullet points, adding keywords or tools like a chatbot.

This way, you increase your visitors’ engagement by sharing useful information and answering their questions.

Designed for Compatibility

To achieve a successful website, make it compatible with multiple screen size.

This encourages visitors to navigate through the pages smoothly and efficiently, avoiding visitors abandoning the website due to poor quality.

That’s why it is in the brand’s best interest to design their website to fit in a small screen.

Mobile compatibility gives the audience a better experience and has positive effects on your site.

Loading Page

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Keeping up to speed is very important when designing a website as the loading speed of the pages will determine whether the user stays or leaves the site.Indeed, a website loading too slow can seem unprofessional as opposed to one with a fast loading speed.

It also adds credibility to it, which reinforces the relationship with customers, and improves brand loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A great tool for a good web design.

Optimizing your site through search Engine Optimization can make it appear in the top ranks of Google.

When you create online content, integrating keywords that correspond to what your audience is searching for is crucial for improving conversion and increasing traffic to your site.

Also, implementing SEO helps you to only show relevant information in order to attract and benefit the audience.

You can use SEO in different ways such as knowing your target audience, using the right keywords in your content and creating a sitemap for search engines like Google.

SEO is a very effective strategy to add to your web design, especially when done well.

It enables visitors to find what they are looking for straight away, therefore, enhancing their experience while making your site more successful.

Website Personalization

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Today, it is a must to design a site that is well optimized in order to appeal to the public.

Website personalization is a tool that enables you to provide exclusive and targeted content to each of your visitors, relevant to their needs and desires.

Creating personalized content can help you to achieve a successful website as you are sharing specific information, offers, recommendations, or tips to each user.

By doing so, it can make your website look way more professional and allows you to build a better connection with your audience as you answer their needs in real-time.

Finally, developing a functional and appealing website contributes to a good web design and can significantly improve the success of your site.

As explained further up, a good site design is crucial to provide an optimized experience to each of your visitors.

By adding the strategies listed in this article to your site, you can attract a bigger audience and vastly improve conversion rates.

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