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6 Best Software Programs For Portfolio Managers 2024

6 Best Software Programs For Portfolio Managers 2024

Portfolio management software is one that allows an organization to prioritize, keep track, and decide better on its project goals and progress based on the organization’s overall capacity and strategic objectives. Any organization has multiple projects, timelines, and people who work simultaneously. Managing so many tasks and professionals without a management tool becomes a nightmare.

Hence portfolio management tools are being adopted by all companies, big or small, to get maximum return on their investments. If someone is looking for software for portfolio managers, then they can visit for their portfolio management software.

Why Do Portfolio Managers Need Tools And Applications?


To Determines The Company’s Capacity And Plan Projects Accordingly

Portfolio management software helps in determining a company’s capacity both financially and otherwise. The projects can be prioritized based on a company’s abilities. If a particular mega project needs a lot of funds and human resources which are not available at a given point in time, in that case, the project can be put on hold without locking in the Company’s working capital. It helps visualize such situations clearly on the dashboard and helps make informed decisions.

Risk Analysis And Goal Alignment

The portfolio management tool’s dashboard displays data like targets that are missed, due dates for upcoming projects, etc. Thus, they give an idea of the potential risks a project might face. For instance, if a particular venture is perpetually falling behind on timelines, then that project might become a risky venture in the future.

Thus, the tool allows for risk analysis and course correction such that financial losses can be minimized and company work can be optimized well.

6 Best Software Programs That Be A Great Resource For Project Managers

1. WorkOtter


The team offers an easy-to-use program and gives comprehensive management for all aspects of a project. They are user-friendly as subscribing to the dashboard allows email alerts that are sent to the personal email ids. These alerts help keep track of the status and progress of individual projects. Thus, status reports, missed milestone alerts, and forecast versus utilization reports of any venture can be emailed directly to the concerned person so that course correction can happen in time.

It allows easy integration with other Microsoft products like MS Office. Moreover, the dashboard layout is easy to customize, and the program also allows for automation. The present customers are highly satisfied with their customer support system. The grievance redressal mechanism is prompt and helpful.

The starting price is as low as $10 per month. Hence they offer great value for money and can prove to be a very useful asset for the Company in the long run.

2. Jira


The software has good reviews on the internet because they are easy to use and the software offers great functionality. They have an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. They allow easy distribution of tasks and show roadmaps of ongoing ventures.

Apart from this, the program allows access to information from multiple other business applications. The software is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. They have an active online support program that helps new users overcome obstacles while using the software.

The software is available in a flexible pricing model. At a price of $7 per month, 10000 users can use the Jira software and have a free trial version for one month.

3. ClickUp


The team offers software that is easy to use and great from the point of view of project management. It provides status alerts, and it also assigns tasks to personnel. Once the job is completed, the employee can mark it as resolved. Thus, it comprehensively manages the entire workflow. It allows real-time streaming of the work as it happens. Moreover, it is supported by the operating systems of most mobile phones.

The starting price is quite affordable at $5 per month. They also have a free trial version for one month for new users who want to use the software firsthand before they actually make an investment.



The team offers more than 200 readymade templates that are fully customizable for portfolio management. The software assigns tasks, shows due dates for task completion, shares files with the concerned employee, etc. It allows real-time tracking of projects and facilitates cross-team collaborative efforts.

The starting price is $10 per month, and they have a free one-month trial version for prospective buyers.

5. Smartsheet


The interface is in the form of sheets that most people are familiar with as they use MS Excel. They allow progress tracking, timeline tracking, file sharing, etc. Calendars are used to sort data and work updates date-wise. They allow collaboration and, at the same time, suit individual time preferences.

The starting price is $7 per month; however, they do not have a free trial version for potential buyers.

6. Wrike


It is suitable for both mid-sized organizations and large teams. It allows proper structuring of project-related data into different folders, and it auto-assigns assignments based on the task’s status. It integrates smoothly with other tools and applications like Dropbox and Slack. Thus sharing of large files becomes quick, which significantly improves adherence to timelines.

The starting price is $9.80 per month, and they also have a free trial version that is available for one month. They also have good customer support facilities for new users, and the good reviews on the internet are an indicator of the quality of the software.


All the above-mentioned portfolio management software has great customer reviews, and most of them have trial-free versions for one month. Hence potential buyers can make a well-informed choice before investing in any of the software.

The ultimate choice of portfolio management software depends on several factors like the price of the product, the ease of usage, and the ways in which it benefits the business. Portfolio management software is a great investment. All companies are adopting them as they help in making better decisions. They guide, review, and eventually help redress faulty management practices that can be disastrous in the long run.

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