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How to Set Up Your Virtual Meeting Room – 2024 Guide

How to Set Up Your Virtual Meeting Room – 2024 Guide

Although many companies embrace remote working, it has its pros and cons. The idea of getting out of bed, making yourself a coffee then logging straight into work sure does sound great. However, many people find remote work challenging due to various distractions at home.

Even so, with the right home office setup, you can minimize all distractions and focus solely on your work. In addition to this, your room will look neat which is essential for virtual meetings where everything must look professional.

In this article, we will talk about how to set up your office or meeting room for virtual meetings to not only increase performance but productivity too. This may seem like an expensive project, but we believe that you can come up with the perfect office for a reasonable amount. Keep reading to find out more.

Find the right place for your home office

The first thing you will need to determine is where your home office will be located. It is preferable to be in a separate room to remove all the distractions and to have boundaries between your work and your home life. However, not everyone lives in large homes, so make sure you find someplace quiet and away from distractions.

If you are planning to set up a meeting room in the actual office, there are lots of other aspects you will need to consider. It has to be large enough to accommodate more employees, it has to be well-lit with natural lighting and it must be in a quiet place.

Use a simple background

Although the colours of a room may seem irrelevant, they have high value in stimulating productivity and focus. For a highly professional look, you can never go wrong with white paint, which is modern, simple and will not distract from the meeting topic.


Other options you might want to consider are some blue, green or yellow tones. With this in mind, be sure to stay away from bright and vibrant colors which are highly distracting especially in a virtual meeting room.

Use the right equipment

Your virtual meeting room is not complete without the right equipment. That said, be sure to invest in the right electronics to achieve great results. It is easy to get excited and overspend when setting up your home office, so considering a professional to help you pick the essential and quality products you need that fit into your budget can save you both time and money. To learn more about the right meeting room technology you can click here for more information.

To be able to attend a virtual meeting, especially from your home office, you first need a good quality headset. When looking for a quality headset, you should be looking for an option that offers clear sound, is comfortable to wear throughout your meetings and includes a clear microphone that only registers your voice so you can sound professionally for your virtual meetings.

Next, you want to get a camera that makes you look good. The quality of your camera is a direct indicator of your business and professionalism, so be sure to stay away from an inexpensive and pixelated model. Be sure to pair it with a mount or a tripod for stability and to secure the perfect angle.

Lastly, you need good peripherals as well. To keep a steady workflow, you need a keyboard and mouse that can connect to multiple devices at the same time. These peripherals should also be made well so that they can sit sturdily on your desk.

It is best to keep your equipment consistent and use equipment from the same brand, as they are made to work together and come with additional software that helps you optimize all aspects of your set up. In addition to this, the same brand typically uses one dongle which makes your setup look and feel cleaner.

Prioritise ergonomics


To be able to perform the best in virtual meetings, you have to be comfortable while also focusing on your health while working. Now days, most ergonomic furniture emphasizes a good body posture, proving the importance of the correct ergonomics.

For that reason, consider getting a desk with an adjustable height option, so that you can adjust this throughout the day. Sitting for multiple hours is already a known health hazard. Knowing this, you can have the desk lower while you are sitting and bring it up higher so that you can stand for some time. Alongside your adjustable desk, consider a riser for your monitor to prevent your head and back from arching.

Another important ergonomic piece you need is a chair. There are lots of different models that promote a better body posture, just test some of these out to find the most comfortable option for you.

Lastly, if you have prescription eyewear, ensure you are wearing this as prescribed by your Optometrist, or consider getting blue light glasses to block out the blue light from your computer to prevent eye damage. Since you’ll be spending most of your time in front of a monitor, the correct eyewear is a great safety measure to have.

Do not forget about the lighting

To allow your camera to capture a great video, you will need to provide appropriate lighting. For that reason be sure to combine artificial with natural lighting. A great option can be a regular ring light, which does not harm your eyes, but only enlightens your face, making you look more professional on video.

Ensure you have storage


Your virtual meeting room is also your home office. Since you might be working with lots of documents, making sure you have the appropriate storage in advance is essential. In addition to this, the variety of essential office supplies may stack up, so be sure you can store everything neatly and in their designated storage areas.

A great tip is to separate and organise your documents to always have them available in case you need them suddenly during your meetings. This shows a high level of professionalism and is appreciated by potential clients, partners or employers.

Be careful with decorations

Lastly is an item that everyone seems to enjoy and overdo. In your home office, lots of decorations can become distracting. Although they may look good, lots of unnecessary items can decrease focus in your virtual meeting room.

As an alternative, consider using a few plants for decoration. The touch of nature and greenery will look great in your office and can reduce your stress levels. Picking plants that do not need lots of maintenance can have your home office looking professional while promoting productivity, which is always beneficial.

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