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10 Ways to Tell Real from Fake iPhones – 2024 Guide

10 Ways to Tell Real from Fake iPhones – 2024 Guide

Nowadays, the market is flooded with real and fake iPhones, and it is challenging to find the difference. Undoubtedly, these are expensive mobile and not every person can afford them. An individual needs to collect a lot of money to buy even a classic mode. It will be wrong if he wastes his money on any copied item.

Therefore, it is necessary to compare the devices and get genuine ones. There are plenty of ways to know the difference but make sure that you should know them while purchasing it.

It is possible to get details of the actual smartphone through You can use the information to determine whether you can buy it or not. Many fraudulent vendors are available over the internet or local store.

They can make you fool and give you a fake item. It is necessary to see the model carefully and compare it with the real one. In the following write-up, we will discuss various ways to tell real from fake iPhone.

1. Apple Logo on the Backside of the Phone-

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You can start analyzing your mobile by checking the logo at the backside of the phone. Ensure that the logo should be darker than a mirror, and it should look flush.

If it is relatively clear as a mirror, then you may not be buying the desired device. Sometimes, many people find it challenging to detect the difference but be careful when you observe the change.

2. Phone Box

Consider the box of the phone and see small details carefully. Check the top of the box and make sure that there should be no picture on the top. In the copied models, you may get images of the phone on the top of the box.

Now, check the phone outline as it should be embossed and not mixed with the box. You can easily observe the difference and come with the right solution.

3. Check the Bottom Side of the Box

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At the bottom of the box, the specifications of the phone are mentioned. You may get the same stuff in the fake one, but it can be in different font sizes and text. If we talk about the spacing, then it is less in the actual one, and more instructions are mentioned on the box.

It is another clear difference that one can spot on the packaging. If you are getting signs of a fake model, it is better to leave instead of opening and checking out the features from inside.

4. Check Backside of the Phone

You have to flip the phone and check what is written on its backside. Under iPhone, consider the information mentioned on the mobile. You can observe a vertical line under that information.

Make sure that there should be less space between that information and line. Sometimes, you may not detect the issue as it is a minor difference. But if you are good at observation, you will get it.

5. Camera Height

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When you flip your phone to check the camera on the backside, make sure that there should be some camera height. In many copied models, you may find the camera flat or into the body of the phone.

If there is no or small height, then you may be purchasing the fake one. You should never invest your money in these models and hence, check everything before you buy it.

6. Pressing the Power Button

Hold the iPhone and press the power button gently. You have to observe the clicking sound, which should be clear. In many copied models, you may listen to the faint click or no sound. Make sure that you check the settings to see this difference. If you are getting such a sign, it is better to leave and look for another option.

7. Check the Lock Screen

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You can text when you open the lock screen, i.e., Slide to unlock. Make sure that the text should be written in a simple way instead of fancy text. The slide should always go from left to right.

If there is something wrong, you can get clues between the actual and fake ones. You can also check the color of the text as solid white can appear in the copied models.

8. Battery Percentage

In actual models of the iPhone, the text color of the battery percentage is white instead of blue. If you are getting any color other than white, then it can be the copied model.

You have to be careful while buying such stuff as it is easy to note the difference with this percentage. Many people forget to find this clue on their phones and make mistakes by buying fake ones.

9. Check the Keyboard

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There are two things that you should check on the keyboard. Firstly, the space button should have the word ‘Space’ written on the space bar. Now, check on the left side of the space bar. Make sure that there is no comma icon because it is available in a copied model.

10. Check the Charging Port

-The iPhone structure is made up of metal, and hence, it should be the same for the charging port. In the fake one, it may appear like a plastic border.

If you get this clue, then you are investing your money in the wrong item. It is easy to check the charging port and consider its structure material.

Final Thoughts

It is easy for any fraud person to make you fool and sell the copied models of the iPhone. When you get a good deal, you miss comparing it with the actual. Many people make this common mistake, and hence, they regret it later.

You cannot spend your hard-earned money on any fake item. It is better to look for the differences in the device and compare it with the actual one. Consider all the mentioned tips above and see whether you are buying the right product or not. Stop making mistakes and choose the perfect item worth your money.

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