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The Difference Between Gas and Electric Powder Coating Ovens

Since society has become more aware of the surroundings and as we look for new ways to be environmentally friendly, new and improved means of using energy are becoming widely available. Devices and machines that only used to run on fossil fuels are now largely electric and therefore more convenient to use. Not only that, but using electricity instead of things like wood, coal, and gas is cleaner and easier since all you need is an outlet and enough electricity to power it. And considering everything runs on it nowadays, it is not hard to find an outlet no matter what you need.

In the article at hand, we try to determine the differences between gas and electric powder coating ovens and evaluate the best options for customers.

Just like with most other things, each has its positive and negative sides and they deserve a deeper dive. If you are in need of a new powder coating oven but do not know which type to get, worry not as we can help you with such a decision. Not only will you be more educated on their differences but you will finally be able to decide what your needs are and which oven can fulfill them. To find out even more information, make sure to visit this website.

What is Powder Coating?

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Before we can move on and discuss the differences between the two types of ovens, we must get the basics out of the way. Do you really know what powder coating is? This type of coating is done with powder that is electrostatically applied and cured under a lot of heat or using ultraviolet light.

This process gives a hard finish that has much tougher properties than regular paint and other coating solutions. This approach is mainly reserved for metals especially on appliances, both household and professional, and other metal things that require a lot of resistance like vehicles, drums, extrusions, and bicycles. Versatile and convenient at the same time, it has become a staple in numerous industries that rely on the use of heavy machinery and appliances for their everyday operations.

Electric Versus Gas

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Now for the most important part of this article, the section where we discuss the differences and advantages of both electric and gas-powered powder coating ovens.

First off, we have the electric type. These ovens are usually significantly faster in terms of their response times and the amount of time it takes them to reach baking temperatures. Thanks to the electric elements inside, the ovens can change the temperatures needed much quicker depending on what you need the oven for. If you rely on differences in temperatures throughout the shift, this would be enough reason to go electric since it is one of the biggest benefits of these types of ovens. What is more, businesses and factories that need the ovens can usually get high voltage electricity more easily than enough access to natural gas as the infrastructure is easier to deal with? In terms of costs of everyday operation, it greatly depends on where you are in the world and what the electricity and gas prices are like where you live. On average, electric ovens are more expensive to run continuously and the bills are usually higher when you rely on electricity for such needs. If your company does not use gas for anything else, however, it would make more sense for you to purchase an electric oven so as not to worry about two energy sources. On the other hand, if you already use gas for a lot of things, a gas oven would make more sense.

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Speaking of gas ovens, let us talk more about their biggest advantages and disadvantages for a bit. First of all, their ability to hold curing temperatures for extended periods is less consistent which makes them slightly less versatile and useful in certain situations. In addition, they take longer to respond and change the temperatures inside so the whole process you have going on will take longer and therefore be slower. As mentioned above already, getting enough natural gas to some locations is almost impossible and if the infrastructure does not allow it, you cannot have the use of one.

Enough gas lines are not always available and evenly spread out so you might be out of luck there. The biggest advantage of gas powder coating ovens is the cost-effectiveness especially if you have a larger oven. According to tests where similar models were closely compared back in 2017, operating costs of gas ovens were half the cost of the electric variety. Again though, you have to remember that not all regions can experience this and gas does not always make sense for everyone.

Additional Things to Consider

There are also certain things you must think about regardless of the type of oven you get. Much to the surprise of consumers, there are certain things more important than the energy they are using to power their powder coating ovens. For example, you have to meet the national codes and be in line with the different laws and regulations surrounding the curing processes. Additionally, if you want to make sure your oven has a long life and that everything around it is safe and up to the existing standards, there needs to be more thought put towards this decision. Do not forget about the quality of the oven itself and never use it in ways it was not made to be used. The final choice is personal and based on the needs of your business, but efficiency and optimal performance are usually more important than the very type of energy you will be using. If it is all about the cost, it should not dictate your decision because the right type of oven you need will ensure more revenue and therefore eliminate the struggle surrounding the operation costs. A heavy-duty machine like this should be an investment, something to last you for years to come and help you expand your business. Therefore, think about the gas and electricity differences but take other factors into consideration too.

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