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How to make money with Instagram in 2024

How to make money with Instagram in 2024

Earning just by posting photos on Instagram is great right? In this blog I have shown you how to make money with Instagram in 2024.

It sounds like a dream, but like bloggers, YouTubers , and other people who attract an audience with their content, Instagrammers have two things that companies like “reach and influence” have a hard time getting. I understand!

In this article, I’ll show you how many followers you need to actually make money on Instagram and how you can make money.

How many followers do you need?

how to make money with Instagram

How many followers do you need to collect to be able to make money ?

What niche genre are you good at? Can the genre be easily tied to an existing category? (Example: fashion, food, beauty, fitness)

How Engagement do your followers have? (It doesn’t make sense to have 100,000 fake followers, right?)

By what route do you want to make a profit?

Basically, the more engaged followers you have, the more effective it is.

As a top Instagrammer, a single photo-sharing platform post will attract hundreds of thousands of people. That said, if you have a small but highly engaged follower in the 1,000 class, you have a lot of potential to make money.

What are the specific ways to turn your Instagram account into money?

Depending on the uniqueness and audience of your content and your commitment, you can benefit from Instagram in the following ways:

Post sponsored content at the request of a company

Sell ​​other companies’ products as an affiliate and get a commission

Make and sell your own products, services and digital products

Sell ​​your own photos

Since these methods are not in a trade-off relationship, they can be used simultaneously.

Let’s start with the most common method. As an influencer, we aim to monetize by forming partnerships with brand companies.

Corporate PR posts

Of course, you know the word influencer.

In principle, influencers are just about anyone who has a good reputation online by doing and sharing great things. From an audience perspective, influencers are fashion-makers and trusted professionals in a particular area.

Companies cannot compete with influencers, so we would like to cooperate with influencers as sponsors to spread their products and services in the form of PR posts.

But companies aren’t just looking for influencer followers. Instead, follower engagement and trust are what companies most want.

Balancing being a creator with what you have to do to make money can be difficult. However, you are free to choose the brand you want to partner with. Brands have the same right to choose Instagrammers. This is the important point

How to set a price for a post

Sponsored Post Agreements first include the production of content (posts, videos, stories), and in some cases may include the right of the brand to secondary use your content on its site or advertising. ..

In most cases, the contract details can be negotiated. You may also have a contract for one post or the entire campaign, or you may create content in exchange for free offers of goods or services, gifts, or name exposure.

It depends on how famous the influencer is and whether he belongs to the office, but it is generally said that the cost is about 1 to 3 dollar per follower . Isn’t this number the basis of the thinking you base your negotiations on?

Finally, it’s also important to know your audience.

What is the composition of the audience’s attributes and what is the engagement rate (measured by dividing the total engagement by the number of followers)? You can find these numbers in your analytics reports by switching to a business account. Keep the numbers down and be ready for negotiations.

How to find a partner brand

If you have a lot of followers, the brand will find you better. Or you can go find the brand yourself. The brand you are looking for should be similar to you in terms of personality and values. This is to prevent the audience from feeling that you are marketing something.

It is also possible to sell directly to the brand, but the marketplace for influencers also means to register to 1 is one. There you are much more likely to find it. This is an example of a marketplace for overseas influencers.

Shoutcart : Make a call to your audience on behalf of your brand..

Grapevine : If you have more than 5,000 followers, you can add them to the Grapevine list. You can find brands with similar tastes in this marketplace.

indaHash : The brand launches a campaign that you can participate in. A margin is paid when you post a photo with a specific hashtag. You must have at least 700 active followers to participate .

The rules for sponsored posts vary depending on the situation, but we recommend that you value the trust of your audience, so be sure to add hashtags such as #PR, #advertisement, and #Sponsored to make it clear. There is nothing that can be seen as a stemmer for both companies and influencers.

Also, rest assured that 69 percent of influencers  according to one survey, say that honest sponsorship doesn’t change the way consumers receive recommendations.

For your research  , check out the posts with the #PR hashtag on Instagram. You should be able to see how other Instagrammers are incorporating branded content into their stories. 

By the way, there is also a display on Instagram that says Tie-up post with . Not all businesses have this feature deployed, but such a notation exists to help you understand your sponsorship.

Start Affiliate

Unlike influencers, affiliatesare required to contribute to sales in exchange for receiving performance rewards, rather than just aiming to increase awareness.

Find out and approach the companies that offer affiliate programs that you can participate in. Or you can search by ASP (Affiliate Service Provider) as below.

RakutenAffiliate:Rakuten’s affiliate program . Achievement rewards will be paid at Rakuten Super Points.

Amazon Associate Program : A popular affiliate option with a referral fee of 10% of sales .

Tip : Affiliate links tend to be long and unsightly, so it’s a good idea to use or something similar to make them shorter.

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Opened an online shop

After reading this article so far, it may seem that Instagrammers have no choice but to work with external brands to earn money.

However, creators are in a very good position when it comes to selling their products. Shaped products, services, and digital products can all be extensions of your brand, but in the end your business revolves around your audience.

It takes time to prepare in advance, but for today ‘s creators, expanding business by starting a business is a natural process.

And even if you are not a human being, you can monetize using an online shop. Take a look at Loki the Wolfdog’s site, which is also famous for having over 2 million followers on Instagram .

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