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Percy Jackson 3 – Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast and More

Percy Jackson 3 – Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast and More

Percy Jackson novels have forever had a loyal fan base and, ahoy, did people go crazy with the movies! Even though we say ‘books are always better’, it is fun to watch movie adaptations of our favorite novels. But not so fun always… if you are someone who’s been eagerly waiting for Percy Jackson 3, we have some bad news for you!

The Movies We Have


We have two Percy Jackson movies as of now, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) and Sea of Monsters (2013). The burden on the movies was comparatively low as the series already had a large fan base and could have gotten a guaranteed revenue. However, the plot and the storyline were messed up big time. The thought of merging Greek mythology with the present-day was wonderful but its adaptation went completely wrong.

The fans weren’t pleased, even the author of the books wasn’t pleased with the script! The series had the potential to be our next Harry Potter, but it honestly didn’t look like a success. The first movie earned an average of $226 million worldwide while being on a $95 million budget and similar targets were achieved by the second movie too. Both the movies received very negative feedback as the movies just lost the novel storyline at some point.

Author’s Reaction


The author of the Percy Jackson series, Rick Riordan was evidently disappointed with the entire extravaganza. His feelings for the movies became clearer from 2016 as he became more vocal about it on Twitter. He once replied back to a tweet, in which teachers were showing Percy Jackson in classrooms saying “please don’t, the children don’t deserve such a punishment.”

In another tweet, he mentioned that he feels like it’s his life’s work going down a meat grinder. Well, he is rightly troubled by the scriptwriting. He says that he never even watched the movies, he just read the scripts and knew this was bad.

Will We Have A Percy Jackson 3?


No, dear. Well, sorry to disappoint you (or to cheer you up?) but the third part of the Percy Jackson movie is not coming. The directors and writers have finally decided to give a little peace of mind to Rick Riordan. The movie is not in making and will never be.

However, as a savior, we have a team of Disney+ who are working on the whole series again. They plan to make a revival of the Percy Jackson series for the potential it really has. They would be starting from part 1 and the movies would be a part of Disney+ originals but that is all in the future. The current production of the Percy Jackson series that you know has stopped still.

Summing it up

Negative reviews, negative fan reactions, average scripts, and a missed storyline have resulted in the downfall of a perfect series with good potential. We won’t be seeing the end of the Percy Jackson series as the production is stopped. However, we await for Disney+ to reboot and save our childhood favorites!

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