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Banished Season 2 – Relase Date, Casting, Review

Banished Season 2 – Relase Date, Casting, Review

Creator Jimmy McGovern made a dramatic series, Banished, that had been broadcasted over BBC 2 in March 2015. It may not be appealing to all viewers yet there is a queue of fans waiting for the second season.

A Peek Into The Storyline


It is a tale on Reverend Johson, Anne Meredith and the trio will be incomplete without Elizabeth Quinn. It showcases the era in the 1700s during the reign of monarchal families. Both the plot of the story as well as the set had such a magnificent look that the fans are praising it. Here we see that the British prisoners are living beside the other monarchal marine officers and executives.

A hundred keepers are watching over every thousand convicts. Whereas, five guards are allotted to each woman. Anxiety rises along with the rise of polygamy and sexual assaults. The story of this series is created containing many details to hold the excitement and receive appreciation from its audiences.

The Cast


The main mysterious character Anne Meredith is beautifully acted out by an outstanding actress Orla Bredy. Reverend Johnson and the female lead Elizabeth Quinn were portrayed by terrific actors Ewen Bremner and MyAnna Buring respectively.

Other supporting roles are eminently acted out by the team of supporting actors Ryan Corr, Brooke Harman, David Dawson, Ned Dennehy, Cal MacAninch, Rory McCann, Joseph Millson, Nick Moss, Adam Nagaitis, Genevieve O’Reilly, Jordan Patrick Smith, Russel Tovey, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Joana Vanderham, David Walmsley and David Wenham for their respective characters.

Jimmy McGovern has indeed selected the best-fitting actors for each role. Each one of them performed fabulously. The team of actors did a wonderful job playing out their respective parts of the play. Without such coordination among the cast, it would not be possible for the show to run successfully at all. The viewers not only watched the show but could live the show as well.

When Can We Expect The Release


Since the last episode was broadcast in April 2015, there is not much heard about a renewal of the series. As the admirers waited patiently for 5 long years, it is heard that there will be no further extension of the show. In other words, it is canceled.

Things You May Want To Know About Banished Season 2


Even though the news regarding the cancellation of the sequel is released. The last episode that closed on a nail-biting note, has still kept hope lingering for its release in the future. As the audience, as well as the actors, are all-time ready for more episodes of Banished, we can still expect the producers to air another sequel of the series in the future. The producers and makers may not be willing to disappoint the audience’s demand.

Summing It Up

The drama depicting the 1700s theme is an all-time favorite for those who love watching dramatic shows. With a thrilling end, the viewers are left with excitement wanting more of it. Currently, the second season is canceled, however, there is still a hope lingering for renewal in the future.

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