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Akashic Records Anime

Akashic Records Anime

A fantasy-based minor novel from Japan authored by Taro Hitsuji is now on the screen. Akashic Records is a series of 12 episodes narrating a fantasy-based animated story. The first season was aired in April 2017 and completed in June 2017.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The Alzano Imperial Magic Academy is one of the most premium magic academies located at the heart of the Alzano Empire. The female protagonist, Sistine Fibel joins this academy with her bosom buddy Rumia Tingel. They both aspire to be dignified magicians.

But all their dreams are shattered when their dearest teacher retires and is replaced by a slothful and confused teacher, Glenn Radars. He seems to be missing his magical skills too. Altogether this character seems weird and misfitting as a teacher to his class of students.

However, the real Radar stays a secret to his students. That Radar is not only powerful but also has been a murderer belonging to the Imperial Court Mage Corps. He had a regretful past for which he was a prey of acute depression. As the story progresses, the empire is attacked by the evil forces and it is then that the true potential of Glenn Radar is revealed.

The Cast


The young and ambitious lead character of Sistine Fibel is beautifully crafted with a sweet and bold voice from Akane Fujita and Rachael Messer. The character of Rumia on the other hand, who is not only the best buddy of Sistine but also her adopted sibling is given voiceover by Yumi Miyamoto and Monica Rial. The lead male protagonist Glenn Radar with a dual character of playing a lazy teacher role as well as being powerful is rightly matched with a voice from Soma Saito and Josh Grelle.

The other voices of supporting figures are voiced by a team of voiceover artists comprising Ari Ozawa, Leah Clark, Eri Kitamura, Morgan Garrett, Hiroki Takahashi, Austin Tindle, Yoko Hikasa, Amanda Gish, Minako Kotobuki, and Alexis Tripton. They voiced for the Japanese version as well as the English version of the series. Each of these voiceover artists has done a remarkable job.

When Can We Expect The Release


With a craze from the fans, there is an absolute possibility of an upcoming sequel of the show. Though no release dates have been announced officially, we may expect it to be broadcasted in 2024. The pandemic might be the reason for the delay.

Things You May Want To Know About Akashic Records Anime


Apart from the flaming excitement of the fans to watch more of Akashic Records, there is another reason to favor the renewal of the series. The original novel had 18 volumes to the base story, whereas the tv series managed to reach up to the 5th volume only in its first season.

Summing It Up

This fantasy-based anime indeed stole the hearts of millions of its fans. As they eagerly wait for the release of an extension, we are eagerly waiting for the date announcement as well.

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