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What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Band Heater in 2024

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Band Heater in 2024

The rise of heavy industry shaped the world as we know it today, and even though the latest digital revolution provided us with much faster dealing with things and speed up the whole work process, the second industrial revolution is responsible for our progress, and without it, everything else will not be possible. That said, as the technology advanced, so did the industry, especially when it comes to manufacturing and shipping. All these innovations are highly welcomed, as they mean that we are progressing as a society.

Many new things further help improve the way industries operate, and for many of them and especially for the plastic industry, band heaters are of great importance. But what are band heaters, and why are they so important? Well, that is why we are here as we will further discuss the importance of band heaters, explain how they work, and how many types there are. That, along with some facts, will help a lot to know what to look for before purchasing a band heater, but for more detailed instructions and some guidance and advice on this topic, check here.

What are band heaters?

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As the name says, bend heaters are used in situations when something needs to be heated, and their ring shape makes them perfect for heating some pipe, cylindrical element, or tube. They are transferring the heat by conductive method, and since they are providing the high temperatures fast, they have their purpose in many industries. Bend heaters are usually put on the outside of the pipe, cylinder, or tube, but there are some heaters that can be put on the inside of them. Because of the mineral or ceramic insulation, these heaters are reducing the loss of heat, which makes them ideal for many situations when some extra temperature is required.

There are three types of band heaters

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The first thing one should know is that there are three different types of band heaters, and you need to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Ceramic ones have ceramic knuckles with a coiled wire made of nickel-chromium that is warming at high temperatures and stainless steel covering around them. They can handle high temperatures, and they are great insulators, but it is not easy to control the temperature because they can easily overheat. Other great heaters when it comes to high temperatures are mineral-insulted ones with high watt density and amazing conduction of heat.

These heaters are using Magnesium Oxide, and their appliance is great in many different spheres. Besides that, there are also mica band heaters that are much better for lower temperatures and have a much lower price than the other two types. Since it is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and water, it is a good insulator with great dielectric strength. It is necessary to know that since their highest temperature is not that high, it is not good to keep them at maximum all the time since because of that they would not last long, so if you need higher temperatures, it is better to choose one of the first two types.

Choose the right dimension

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The second important thing to know is that they come in different dimensions, and finding the perfect one can be a challenging thing to do for those who are not sure what they need to look for, but once you learn the crucial dimensions, it will be easy to choose the perfect heater. As the first thing, you need to measure the outside diameter of the cylinder that you want to heat, and that is a basic thing to know. When you do that, the next thing is to find the heater with the same inside diameter, and doing that will mean that you are halfway through. That’s because, after this, the only remaining and necessary thing to do is to check the width and thickness of the band to be sure that it will fit. When you have all this info, everything will get much easier, and as you will precisely know what to look for, and band heater of which size to choose.

They have different specifications

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As we already mentioned, choosing the right one can be a nightmare if you do not know what to look for or what precisely you need. Not all bend heaters are the same, and it is necessary to know which one is perfect for you before you choose to buy it. The important things to check are:

  • The maximum temperature they can reach. Different types have different maximum temperatures, so it is crucial to check their maximum temperature;
  • The AC voltage, which is necessary for their proper operation;
  • Watts

Checking things from this list will help you avoid making a mistake and buying a too powerful or too weak band heater, and it can be beneficial not only for the task at hand but also for the budget, as it will save you from extra costs. A too powerful heater will need more energy to operate, and, on the other side, a too weak heater needs to work all the time, which also results in using more energy, which leads to extra costs.

Contamination can shorten their lifespan

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Keep in mind that band heaters cannot last forever and that it will be necessary to change them after some time, especially if they are exposed to contamination, which is quite often. In most cases, the contamination occurs due to the high humidity, hydraulic oil, or/and liquid plastic, and it is hard to avoid it in many industries, so these heaters need to be changed quite often. When the risk of contamination is high, there are only two possible solutions – the first one is to use low costs band heaters, and the second one is to use the heater specially designed to resist it. In that way, you will reduce the cost coming from frequent change, which will, understandably, further lead to having more funds for the other necessities.

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