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How to Fix Grainy or Pixelated Videos?

How to Fix Grainy or Pixelated Videos?

Video quality is an important part of online communication. Whether you’re uploading a video to social media or sharing it with friends, video quality is crucial because even in that way a message is sent to the target audience. Unfortunately, many users experience grainy or pixelated videos when trying to share their videos online, but there is always a solution to this problem, and that’s what we’re talking about today!

What affects video quality?

  The quality of a video depends on many factors, including the resolution of the source material and the encoding process., but the internet also affects the uploading process, but for all that there is a solution better known as Stellar Repair for Video. Many users report this issue on iOS and Android devices, although the problem affects both browser-based and app-based videos, they also express their willingness to take actions that would contribute to a better video with a much better quality that would convey the message to the viewers of the target audience.

There are always solutions!

  There are a few simple solutions that will help sharpen video quality, you may know about some of them, but you didn’t know about most of them until now, that’s why we bring them to you.

  1. Test different resolutions and codecs in your video player to see which produces the best results and accordingly guide yourself in creating the final version of the video.
  2. Make sure that your encoding process is optimized for YouTube because that way you will know if the video will be of good resolution or not.
  3. In the end, use higher quality footage in the first place – filming in HD will improve accuracy regardless of compression settings, and that will reduce the possibility of getting a video that is of low quality.

If you have grainy or pixelated videos that refuse to upload or play properly, these tips should help you fix them, but you can also try one of the tools like the one we indicated above!

So that you don’t have problems, it might be good to decide on production?


If you have a big enough budget, you can also try hiring a production company that will do the job professionally. However, it all depends on the budget, as well as the purpose. Each type of video has its price, but the amount of produced videos can also make a variation in the price. That’s why it’s important to, first of all, look at the purpose of the videos, review your budget for the current year and, if possible, hire a company that would make the videos for you. That way, you will reduce the risk of having a poor-quality video campaign that you will run.


Although at first glance this seems like something that is not solvable and could bring problems in the operation, still the quality of the videos can be improved and it can be worked on. All you need is to once again go through the directions we have given you because only in this way you will be able to help yourself.

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