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Convert Text to Speech Hindi Language (Real Human Voice)

Convert Text to Speech Hindi Language (Real Human Voice)

Are you searching for a software that can convert text to speech Hindi language?

If yes then you are at the right place. After reading this post you will learn, how you can convert text to speech in Hindi language with just 3 easy click using a simple software online.

Before starting let us fir understand what is the need of using text to speech software?

Why to Convert Text to Speech Hindi?

Most of us don’t have great voice like some popular singers or voice over artists, or we feel shy recording ourselves. What ever it might be, but a video is incomplete without a voice. Therefore we have to add a explanatory voice in the video. In this case we have two possible options.

Option #1: Hire a voice over artist

You can hire artist to do a voice over on your videos. But, is it reliable?

If you ask me, I don’t think it is the right option. Here is why,

  • When you hire a freelancer he charge a huge amount of money to make voice overs for your videos.
  • Voiceover artist will take around 3-4 days to finish the voiceovers that will waste your time of production.
  • For every video you will need to hire a voiceover artist and this will increase you overall cost of production.
  • Incase of a problem with your voiceover artist you will need to change the artist that will lead to change in voice in your videos.
  • Sometimes if your script is longer the artist will charge high amount of money.

After reading this, I am sure you won’t like to hire a voiceover artist. Doing so will waste both your money and time. So, let us talk about the second option now, which is using a software.

Option #2: Convert Text to Speech Hindi Software

You can use software to convert text to speech in Hindi language with natural human like voice. In my option this is the best way to create voice for your videos. Below are some of the benefits of using text to speech software.

  • You can create unlimited voice over with one time payment.
  • Your voiceover will get ready with in minutes.
  • This software is cost is very low and no monthly subscription.
  • You won’t face any problem.
  • You can create voiceovers as long as you want, no restrictions.

This are all the benefits you will get when using a text to speech software.

Well it is clear that using is software is always better then hiring a voiceover artist for each of your video. So, which software should you use to convert text to speech in Hindi language?

Which is the best software to convert text to speech in Hindi?

You have to be really careful when selecting a software to convert text to speech. The software I recommend you to use is Speechelo.

Speechelo is a text to speech convertor software. This software can help you convert any text into a 100% human sounding voiceovers with just 3 clicks. Speechelo guarantees that no one would recognize that voiceover in your video is been generated by a software. Here are the benefits of using speechelo.

  • Over 30 Human Sounding voices
  • Includes both male, female and kids voice
  • Create voiceovers in three tone of voice: Normal, Friendly and joyful
  • Speechelo can understand the emotion in the text with the help of punctuation marks
  • Works in english and 23 other languages including HINDI
  • Easy to use 3 click procedure

Check the demo of Hindi voice given below generated by me using speechelo in 3 easy clicks.

Hindi Voice DEmo

[player id=7460]

This software is priced at $100, but for our readers speechelo has a special 53% off. Therefore, you can get this product for only $47. This is one time payment! You will be able to create voiceovers for lifetime after paying the one time amount of $47 which is equal to somewhere around 3500 Rupees. 

Now get 60 Days Money Back Guarantee !!

After purchasing this software you get a 60 days money back guarantee.  If you don’t like the software you can get your complete money back within 60 days of purchasing the sofware. You can get this sofware for $47 (RS 3,500) with 60 days money back guarantee!

How you can use Speechelo to make money?

As mentioned before Speechelo is great software that converts text to speech with the help of AI technology. Speechelo works with more then 24 languages including Hindi and English.

You can use Speechelo to generate voiceovers for people who are looking for an voiceover artist. To get success with this plan you can use Fiverr. On Fiverr you will find people doing voicers and charging a huge amount of money as shown below.

fiverr voiceover artist

This people you see above charge a lot if amount for just 200-500 words of script. You can be in their place.

You will definitely get orders on fiverr, because you can create gigs for voiceovers in more than 24 languages. And you can charge a very less amount because you have to do no hard work, Speechelo will take care of all the work. 

Therefore even if you charge just $15 for a gig just with 3 orders you can take the money out that you invested in the software, and the rest all is your profit

Other Ways to earn with Speechelo

  • Use Speechelo for your own YouTube Videos
  • Create voiceovers for customers
  • You can create voiceovers for animators
  • Write your own story and convert it into text then publish it on a platform
  • Write your motivational speech or story then publish it on YouTube to earn money


In this post I have explained Why you need to convert text to speech. Also I have shown you how you could create text to speech in Hindi language.

To help you select the right software I have suggest you one of the most popular trustworthy software named “Speechelo”. Also as our reader you can get a 55% off and 60 days money back guarantee on the software. 

If you have any doubts related to this post you can ask me the comments below.

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