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Best Performing Crypto Coins of 2024

Best Performing Crypto Coins of 2024

It is pretty normal these days that people decide to explore the opportunities that the online world brings. Many people would start a business or find a remote job online. However, it is worth mentioning that millions of people also decide to invest in crypto. That is one of the ways to ensure financial stability!

However, it is also one of the ways to lose money. Because of that, you have to take care of everything before you even decide to invest money. One of the things you have to do is to educate yourself and consider that as a first step you will have to make. You need to know which cryptocurrencies are available and why investing in some of them would be a good thing.

Well, it seems that, by opening this article, you have actually made the first step. In this article, we will explore and analyze the best-performing crypto coins in 2024. No one says that they are the only ones that you should invest in. However, it is better to know the most prospective ones and see how much money you would have to invest. Let’s go!

Of Course – Bitcoin


Many crypto lists have Bitcoin in the first place. Believe it or not, the market cap of the most popular crypto in the world is more than 820 billion dollars! The crypto itself exists since 2009, and, for only 12 years, it managed to become viral in all parts of the globe.

At the beginning of the year announced that Bitcoin’s value is going to jump in the future. However, many people got disappointed as some the price in one moment started to go down. Fortunately, things are going in the right direction while you are reading this article. While you are reading this article, the value of one BTC is a bit more than 63 thousand dollars.

Keep in mind the value of one BTC was only $500 five years ago. No one could even imagine that the value will be this much. Because of that, if you have enough money to invest, Bitcoin should be something that you should put into consideration.



Logically, the second biggest crypto in the world is also the second-best performing digital currency in 2024. Ethereum is, at the same time, a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency. One of the reasons why Ethereum has become so popular is the features it has. That especially counts when we talk about smart contracts that allow people to determine all the conditions of the transactions.

That only ensures that all agreed conditions have to be met in the end.
Anyway, in 2016, the value of one ETH was only 11 dollars, While you are reading this article, the price of one ETH is 4144 dollars. Translate that into percentages if you want to see how massive this improvement is.



Compared to many digital currencies, Tether is a bit different. More precisely, Tether is actually a stablecoin that directly depends on the other fiat currencies. It is directly connected with the Euro and Dollars and its value is always equal to one of those two fiat currencies. That is the reason why the volatility of this digital currency is not high which makes it attractive for many investors.



Cardano does not have a long history as other best-performing cryptos. However, today, the market cap of this digital currency is around 67 billion dollars. That means there is something that attracts people to invest in it.

One of the features that many people adore is proof-of-stake validation. Thanks to this method, all transactions are way quicker. Despite that, it is worth mentioning that Cardano does not require a big amount of electrical energy which automatically reduces the costs that you have.

Another thing that you will probably like is smart contracts. They function the same way as contracts that Ethereum offers.
The Cardano coin is actually known under the name ADA. Believe it or not, the value of one ADA in 2017 was only 0.02 dollars. However, just like you could imagine, things changed a lot in the last 4 years. If you want to invest now in this perspective crypto, then you will have to pay 21.18 dollars for 10 coins (current price).



Have you ever heard about Ripple? If the answer is “yes”, then you should know that some of its founders are the creators of this crypto. Thanks to the experience and knowledge they have, they managed to boost the value of the market cap to 44 billion dollars. You can use XRP on Ripple and exchange it for different types of crypto and fiat currencies.

It is also worth mentioning that the price of one XRP was 0.006 dollars only 4 years ago. However, thanks to the good features it offers as well as good promotion, the price has jumped 1.09 dollars. The difference itself may not seem big, but people that purchased a lot XRPs in 2017 have become pretty rich! It is a lesson that you should remember!



We will end the list of the best-performing crypto coin with Solana. The purpose of this crypto was to support DeFi uses as well as decentralized apps. However, it also had a strong influence on smart contracts that some of the cryptos are using.

The mechanism that Solana uses is different from others. It uses proof-of-stake and proof-of-history which makes all the transactions safe and fast.
It is worth mentioning that SOL (the native token of Solana) is developed in 2024. For only one year, its value jumped by 18 000%.

Final Thought

These are the best-performing crypto coins of 2024. However, as mentioned, no one says they are the only option that you have. You can try them out all one by one without investing a lot of money. In case you make some big mistakes, don’t panic, and turn them into lessons.

Another thing you should have in mind is to find a good crypto wallet that will allow you to receive and send different digital currencies. For instance, Crypterium will allow you to send and receive 19 different cryptos. That would be an ideal solution in case you want to try out your investing skills with different digital currencies.

So, are you ready to start your journey?

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