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Reputation Guide on WoW Shadowlands – 2024 Guide

Reputation Guide on WoW Shadowlands – 2024 Guide

Reputation levelling up is the first step towards gaining rare items and unique mounts. Reputation points are earned for completing quests, killing bosses in dungeons. Fights in Covenant locations also bring rewards. You won’t be able to earn points quickly: pumping takes a lot of time. Completing important tasks will allow you to earn points a little faster.

You can get information about new tasks for levelling reputation in the usual menu. Failed tasks are marked with an exclamation mark or a closed chest. As skills and abilities improve, levelling will take less and less time each time.

However, no one should be left without support. You can find like-minded players who will help you achieve your goal on various resources. will allow you to join an experienced team of players and benefit from the site.

It’s easy to find several secret tools here that will make it easier to complete levels. Increasing your reputation and staying on top of what is happening will allow you to regularly study information in a convenient format. Make the game simple and fun!

Reputation levels in Ve’nari


To increase your level, you need to complete local quests in dungeons and locations. For each successful one you’ll get a certain reward, which will replenish the covenant’s reputation. A new level opens access to purchases, while achievements are becoming more profitable.

At the first stages, the size of the award cannot hardly be called solid, but gradually it is possible to change it. Remember that the moment of death allows you to restore past achievements but subject the following requirements:

  • you need to return to your body;
  • you are moved to the graveyard after death;
  • a certain period of time is allocated to return to your body.

Timely return to the place of death will allow you to recover and continue the game at your discretion. Otherwise, the results will disappear and cannot be resumed. Improve your reputation in Ve’nari at the same time on six levels.

It’s impossible to go all the way from Doubtful to Perfect reputation in one go. The frequency of obtaining additional rewards has the greatest impact on the pumping speed. 42 thousand points allow you to access the collection.

How to build a reputation

The most interesting is Ve’nari. This is the final part of building your reputation. You will be able to achieve your goal if you pay attention to new tasks as often as possible. Special quests take some time, but the result is worth it.

Jailer’s Eye


The quest is held every week, which means that players have a chance to receive a high reward for their efforts. The process is complicated by the fact that the level of danger gradually increases. At the fifth (final) stage, it is almost impossible to be in the location, so experienced players recommend tracking this indicator.

It isn’t difficult to detect an increase in danger if you know where to look. In the user interface, you will find the threat level icon, which was created to determine this indicator. It will be possible to reduce the danger yourself, so it is worth waiting for the end of the effect.

As long as you are in the shelter, there is nothing to be afraid of. The effects of the Jailer’s Eye may be of varying degrees depending on the current threat level:

  1. Soul beacon. Citizens are usually neutral towards players, but Decaying Blast and Focused Annihilation are especially dangerous.
  2. Soul splash. Unexpected damage, inability to move and the appearance of chains are quite common. You can throw off the shackles by clicking on them.
  3. Hunting. Players can fall prey to assassins, so this game mode becomes dangerous. The assassin appears first, and they will definitely try to kill the character.
  4. Winged kidnappers. The threat becomes real, but you can avoid damage. You will need to protect yourself with a goblin glider and kill kidnappers before they take your life.
  5. Immediate extermination. This is the highest level of danger that inflicts definite damage. Your goal is to get to the Maw as early as possible.

The ability to pump reputation becomes unavailable during the last stage. Obtaining rare items or exclusive mobs is also impossible. Leaving the game is a good solution to this problem. Whether the game is worth the effort is up to you.

How to earn reputation

Players conditionally divide events that can bring reputation points. This division is based on the opportunity to receive an award and the number of points received. Covenant day quests are of the the greatest interest, as they bring in from 1,500 to 2,000 reputation points.

The weekly quests for Oribosen Dungeons are also pretty attractive. Despite the fact that the reward seems to be very modest (only 500 points), it is worth taking on the task. Further, the level of remuneration decreases, but this is not a reason to refuse the following challenges:

  • local quests of factions;
  • regular quests;
  • local quests with a buff (contract);
  • tasks from followers.

The amount of remuneration is different. In some cases, it becomes possible to get about 300 points for a victory. The aforementioned quests are designed to quickly increase your reputation, so do not give up the given chance. In order not to spend hours on farming, pay attention to the difficulty level of the selected tasks.

You will be able to get information about the latest offers in the user interface. Study the list of rewards that can be obtained for unlocking new locations. This is an easy way to increase your rank. Be active and try to earn points in new dungeons.

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