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Can Trezor Model T Be Hacked?

Can Trezor Model T Be Hacked?

In an increasingly connected world where constant cybersecurity challenges, protecting digital assets is more critical than ever. This can be a challenge for many cryptocurrency investors as most crypto wallets are online, making them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

But thanks to hardware wallets, investors can use a more secure method for storing digital assets. A hardware wallet like Trezor allows investors to generate and isolate the keys to their cryptocurrencies to keep them out of the wrong hands and eyes.

In this review, we’ll discuss the safety of Trezor as a hardware wallet and whether or not you can trust the device to protect your crypto.

Is Trezor Safe? How Is Trezor Protecting Your Money?


Yes, Trezor is a reliable wallet for storing your cryptocurrency assets. The crypto wallet is well-known for its security, which is no wonder why 1 million crypto users across the globe are leveraging Trezor to keep their coins safe.

It is a hardware wallet—a physical USB-connected device—offering secure cold storage that allows you to store your crypto assets offline. So, what sets Trezor apart from other wallets is that its customers aren’t storing their assets through an exchange or online wallet provider.

Instead, they can manage and trade their cryptocurrencies in an offline wallet to keep hackers from copying and stealing their information. Trezor holds your private keys on a physical device rather than a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Although you must connect the device to your computer via USB to buy and sell crypto, the wallet is never connected to an internet server. Therefore, a hacker can’t access your funds.

Trezor provides top-notch security for many cryptocurrencies, protecting against physical and virtual theft. It is so secure because you must enter your PIN each time you need to access your wallet, whether it’s to send or receive coins.

You’ll also get a backup passphrase, which you should memorize or write down. This allows you to protect your funds if someone steals your wallet. You can recover your funds by entering your backup passphrase on another device.

Has Trezor Had Any Security Compromises?

In 2017, one Trezor wallet was hacked. Due to a firmware vulnerability, a hacker could obtain the PIN and passphrase of the wallet. This involved a loophole in the security mechanism, helping hackers gain access to the 24-word backup phrase and PIN. Luckily, SatoshiLabs, the creator of Trezor, could immediately fix the issue and recover the stolen assets.

More recently, another hacker was able to hack into its wallet because of a firmware vulnerability. After forgetting their PIN, the user could access their account during an update on the firmware. They recovered $2 million in “lost” crypto.

This more recent security compromise isn’t likely to occur on newer devices. Since these incidents, Trezor wallets haven’t been hacked. This is likely due to the many firmware updates the wallet has implemented.

Trezor Security Rules


Despite security incidents, Trezor is a safe, reliable hardware wallet. This is due to its many security measures, which include:

1. Firmware Verification

The software has a bootloader to verify the firmware signature. The firmware will only run once it’s been verified. Otherwise, your device will issue a warning.

2. Protected Critical Operations

When you make a transaction where you enter the private key and public key, Trezor keeps you protected with user authentication. For authentication, you’ll need to enter your PIN.

3. Additional Passphrase Support

If you’ve lost or failed to memorize your PIN, you can enter your 24-key passphrase to reassess your wallet. This also comes in handy if someone steals your device and you must regain access to your funds.

4. Reliable Backup And Recovery

Trezor has a recovery seed, which is used for backing up your digital assets. So, if your device is stolen, lost, or damaged, you’ll be able to restore the recovery seed, allowing you to regain access to your wallet.

5. Trezor Trusted Display

The display on Trezor devices shows only the exact details of ongoing transactions. If your computer or phone is somehow compromised, you’ll be able to see any information that isn’t matching up. This gives you plenty of time to cancel any unauthorized transactions.

Another plus Trezor offers in terms of security is that you don’t have to create a username or password for your account. Your credentials are your Trezor device.

Therefore, if someone doesn’t have physical access to your device, they can’t access your account or will at least have extreme difficulty trying to. This is especially true when you use additional passphrase protection.

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Benefits Of Trezor T


1. Supports A Wide Range Of Cryptocurrencies

Trezor supports over 1,800 types of crypto. However, remember that the device only allows you to handle ten crypto accounts. This is to keep their servers more manageable.

2. Keeps Funds Safe With Offline Storage

You can store your private keys in a physical wallet through offline or cold storage. Even when you connect your wallet to your computer, your private keys never have contact with the computer. So, by connecting your wallet via USB, you’re never putting your crypto at risk, even if the computer you connect it to is infected with malware.

3. Open Source Firmware

Trezor uses a mix of open-source hardware and software. This means that all of the components of devices that protect your crypto funds are entirely transparent. So, third parties can review the software parts and test them for vulnerabilities.

4. Regular Firmware Updates

The team behind Trezor regularly releases firmware updates to ensure the wallet remains protected against new threats. Because the updates aren’t automatic, stay on top of updates as they’re released.

5. Easy To Use

Users can set up their wallets in as little as 10 minutes. Beginner crypto traders don’t have to register through an exchange to make their first purchase.

6. Portable Design

Trezor wallets are tiny and can easily fit in your hand’s palm, making them very portable. This means you’ll have accessible protection that’s always ready for use.

7. Top-Notch Security Features

With an open-source code that everyone can inspect and audit, cold storage, funds recovery options, and a PIN that prevents unauthorized access, Trezor is highly secure.


While many cryptocurrency investors may be concerned about Trezor’s security incidents in the past, the wallet features airtight security. And those were likely just isolated incidents.

Although no device is ever 100% safe from hackers, Trezor is pretty close. Offering a secure PIN, a 24-key passphrase, and firmware signature verification, the users can rest knowing that their crypto assets are safe and protected.

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