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How Technology Can Improve Your Speaking And Presentation Skills

How Technology Can Improve Your Speaking And Presentation Skills

Whether business meetings or professional catchups, many things need to employ technology for better and enhanced results. The advancements have been such that speaking and presentation feel incomplete without the same. Technology adds to the ability of people to interact and deliver engaging and effective talks and discussions to the audience. is one of the considerations while looking for presentation skills training as they employ technology to help add qualitative inputs for improvements in presentations and other public speaking events. The right set of technology and skill will help people sail through when it comes to improving speaking and presentation skills in the long run.

Role Of Technology In Speaking And Presentation Skills

Investments in technology have been at an all-time high owing to its expansion in different places. The investments are high due to all the right reasons. It has a larger role to play in adding to people’s speaking and presentation skills. Its role in this vertical is discussed as follows:

  • It helps keep up with the new trends and adds the same while preparing presentations for various events and gatherings.
  • Technology is subject to changes on an everyday basis, and hence, it has innovations to offer that will enhance the quality of the session and presentation.
  • Technology adds to the interaction during presentations and gives rise to various streams and formats that help long-term user engagement.
  • Both the presenters and listeners never feel out of place as people have a thing for technology, and they tend to use it in one way or the other.
  • It adds to the ideas of creative minds and helps in adding variations that will help presenters meet the needs of various people as a part of their audience.

7 Ways Technology Has Improved Speaking And Presentation Skills

Here are 7 ways in which technology has proven to be a boon and has helped improve people’s speaking and presentation skills.

1. Using Tools

Technology helps the presenter or any other user, for that matter, to use different kinds of presentation tools. From including unique designs in the presentations to adding templates to enhance the presentability of one’s content, presenters can play along with many things. Technology has risen in the recent past. It has given rise to the popularity of various tools like Google Slides, Canva tools, and many others like Prezi and Visme. Their ready availability is a boon to everyone who has to work with presentations and deliver them now and then.

2. Using Slides And Effects For Interactions


The best part about it is that it takes the responsibility of adding interesting changes and adds to the interactiveness of presentations to be used in different places. The presence of technology helps add diagrams and other information related to real-time scenarios and data. It gives a chance to the audience to understand more with less yet qualitative information. Also, it gives the audience a fair chance to participate and interact during discussions and meetings. Also, it gives presenters a fair chance to make changes or edits before the final presentation. Also, the audience can ask questions based on the information available.

3. Using Microphones, And Speakers

There might be chances when the presentation givers have a larger audience to interact with. Hence, in these cases, instead of speaking on top of their volumes, it is better to turn to the support that technological advancements have to offer. For example, presenters can use microphones attached to their ears and placed near the lip. The speaker does not stay confined to this place and hence, adds to the interactiveness of the session. Also, wireless Bluetooth speakers can be connected and kept in various places to ensure proper flow and volume.

4. Social Media Presence

Social media is home to different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin that have been subject to quality changes since technology has intervened. A huge audience is present on such platforms, and interactions are more encouraged and fruitful. The use of quirky captions and hashtags is beneficial for the users and presenters.

5. Adding 3D Techniques

Employing 3D techniques and models in presentation and speaking skills is a brainchild of the technological advancements only. 3D techniques in Microsoft office tools like PowerPoint deliver amazing results. Such techniques help the presenters to go for 3D models in their products and services. For example, 3D models welcome customizations like image rotations, spinning, zooming, etc.

6. Adding To The Pool Of Audience

The current time is not stagnant or bound by the limitations that physical locations have to offer. The widespread use of technology has made national and international meetings and conversations possible. From going live on various channels to live-streaming of content on different applications and portals, presenters have a lot of things that add quality and excellent services to the audience in different geographical locations. Also, they can join these meetings and conferences from remote locations and win over the barriers like distance and time zones.

7. Adding Innovation With AI Tools


Time and again, artificial intelligence has proved its worth to enhance the lives of people. The rise of AI tools followed by its collaboration with technology is an amazing advantage. The rise of artificial intelligence is one of the best ways that adds to the degree of innovation offered through presentations to a wide audience base. These tools have made it possible for various members to get exactly what they want without much adieu. Also, artificial tools have reduced unnecessary human effort and helped people focus on things that matter.


So, technology and tradition can go hand-in-hand. They don’t need to clash but can collaborate and present the best of both worlds to both the presenters and the audience. There is no need to scribble or take notes that are prone to be lost when needed. So, technology acts like an important accessory that adds to the preparation for speaking and presentation skills. Some of the leading presentation software is equipped with technology that will help in adding to what advantages and support they bring to the table for the users.

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