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6 Things To Know If You Are Interested In Buying Authentic Samurai Swords

6 Things To Know If You Are Interested In Buying Authentic Samurai Swords

We have developed war techniques and therefore, swords are used rarely. So if you are thinking of buying a samurai sword, it might be because of your interest in it. Or it is also possible that you recently learned some Japanese fighting skills and you want to have the sword. It is only natural for humans to buy things that they like.

But buying something for the very first time is a challenge in itself. You do not know the market. Thus, you will have to search for it. Afterward, the seller should be authentic and so does the sword. Because many manufacturers manufacture fake swords. So it is also highly likely that you will end up with low quality and fake product.

Instead of going through it all, isn’t it better to get some suggestions? For example, you can buy the sword of your choice online. It is easy to find sellers online. Furthermore, you can check for their authenticity through the user reviews and their certificates. So if you want to buy a tactical

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And not only this, they have a variety of other swords too. If you want to get a custom Katana, you can get it at Wickedswords. Likewise, they also have European and Samurai swords. But you cannot just randomly buy anything.

Therefore, we are providing you with a list of features that you must look for while buying your samurai sword. These features include;

1. Steel

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You are buying a sword, not a toy, therefore, it is important to look for the steel type. The steel type that craftsmen use is of the best quality with even carbon distribution. Carbon steel provides strength to the blade and leaves no weak points. Moreover, the steel should pass through the forging and folding process just like what Japanese smith does. This process extracts impurities and you get the purest form.

Furthermore, the blade should be made of steel but not stainless steel. Therefore, you must look into the type of steel that is used to make the blade. This will help you to avoid the fakers and get the right and original product.

2. Design and shape

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The design and shape are equally important because this is something that gives the sword its name. There is a Japanese historic tradition and all the samurai swords follow it. Therefore, while looking for it in a foreign country, you should also buy the historically correct one. Because you will easily find several others that have the least qualities and shape of the original feudal era design.

Furthermore, if you buy the wrong shape and design, you will make a fool of yourself. The shape is not only for design and appearance but it also gives strength to the sword. A wrong curve and forging will make steel weaker and it will be prone to breakage.

3. Forged steel

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The forging process is quite important for the blades, as it makes them unique and also provides strength. If you want an authentic item, forging is one of the basics. Furthermore, the sellers clearly state the word “forged” in the description. So you won’t find any problem in finding the right one unless someone claims it to be forged steel while it is not.

Creating the blade is an important step because it will determine its strength. A forged steel blade means that every single one is unique. The one that you have won’t be like any other blade. Even if the manufacturer is the same, his forging style may be the same but the final product will definitely be different. You might not be able to distinguish between different blades but experienced people know only by looking.

4. Real Hamon Line

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You must buy it from a Japanese manufacturer because only they know the right way of making it. However, everyone may lie to you if he is making fake products. Therefore, you should pay attention to the close details of the blade and handle. These and some other features will help you buy the right sword.

One of these features is the real Hamon temper line. This line is apparent in real blades. This line appears when the smith clays and tempers the blade in order to make the edge harder. So if there is a Hamon line, this clearly means that the edges will be harder than the spine.

5. Balance

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Not many people are aware of this factor but the samurai sword should have a perfect balance. The right balance will make your sword functional. Understand it with cycling. If your cycle is imbalanced, you won’t be able to ride it. Likewise, you won’t be able to use the sword if there is a problem with balance.

Samurais used to depend upon their swords for their life. Therefore, the right sword with a perfect balance is crucial. Furthermore, if you are going to use it for training, you won’t be able to maintain the right posture. This will bring you nothing but defeat.

6. Polish

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After all the important aspects, you should also pay attention to the appearance of your sword. Therefore, if you find the authentic seller and right sword, now you should look for appearance. You have to show it off to your friends too. Therefore, the blade should not look rusted and old but instead, it should be polished and shiny.

Polishing samurai swords is not an easy task. It takes a long time and is quite painstaking. That is why you will find the non-polished swords at a cheaper rate. Furthermore, it is also possible that they are not perfect. So you should definitely avoid them. In addition to this, the shine of machine-made and hand-polished blades is different. So you should pay attention to it too.

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