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Is It Cheaper To Host Your Own Website?

Is It Cheaper To Host Your Own Website?

In the digital age we live in, a large number of people are starting their own businesses online. Whether it’s a presentation of your company, an online webshop, or a regular blog – you need to have a website. But your website must be hosted. When making this decision, many often ask: Is it cheaper to host your own website? We will try to come up with an answer to this question.

What Is Website Hosting?

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Although most people have heard of the term web hosting – many still do not know what exactly that it is. Most of us associate this term with a website, and that is correct. To have a website, you don’t just need a designer to make it and fill it with data. You need to have a domain name as well as a space where you will store all the files that make up your site. Web hosting serves just for that. Your website contains a large number of different files that must be located in one place. This place must be safe and always accessible to your users.

So, web hosting is actually a space you can rent and keep all the files for your website on it. Your domain name connects you to your hosting account and displays the website stored on your web hosting account.

What Is Important For Website Hosting?

Since the entire website is stored on a web hosting account – you need it to be fast, reliable, and to support all the services needed for your website to function normally. You also need out hosting that offers enough flow. What does flow refer to? This is actually the number of visits to your site that you are allowed – as well as the amount of space required to store all the files on your website.

Hosting Your Own Website Or Pay Professional Hosting Services: What’s More Affordable?

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The answer to this question is simple, but it all depends on your needs. For example, let’s say you have your own business or online store. You expect a large flow on your website. In that case, do you host your own website or use the hosting provider? Although it is possible to host a site on any computer that is constantly connected to the Internet – we wouldn’t say that it is a good idea. Hiring one of your IT professionals to host your site from your office or room can be cost-effective – but at the same time very risky. Power outages, server crashes, hackers, or poor training of server owners – are just some of the reasons why your site will not be visible for hours, or maybe even days. In other words, you better leave the web hosting to professionals.

Why Choose Professional Web Hosting Services?

Professional hosting providers can offer you a lot of protection options. According to, with such a service you can count on high-quality backup Internet connections, reliable backup infrastructure, strong firewalls, the ability to withstand a large number of visitors who come to your site, and who will know how to fix the problem if it occurs. Hosting providers use all possible security measures to make your site visible.

For that reason, you will rarely find a free hosting provider, but consider the benefits it provides. Isn’t it better to invest a little money in your project and know that your site will always be visible – especially if it is viewed by potential donors or clients? Therefore, the choice, in this case, is completely clear.

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Should You Use Web Design And Hosting Packages?

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Usually, the person or company that made your website will offer web hosting for you. While this may sound nice, you should still think about this option. For starters, ask your designer where exactly your server will be. Any more experienced web designer will hire a more serious hosting company and be their reseller, rent a little space, make contact with the provider, and send you invoices.

Do You Take The Hosting From The One Who Designs Your Website

Usually, the person or company that made your website will offer and host for you. While this may sound ok, still, consider this option. For starters, ask your designer where exactly your server will be. Any more experienced web designer will hire a more serious hosting company. He will be their reseller, rent a little space, make contact with the provider, and send you invoices. Make sure to find out what you get within the hosting package. Check up on whether you will get the same options as it would be to rent hosting regularly with a hosting provider.

Shared Hosting

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The cheapest and easiest way to host your website is shared hosting. On shared hosting, your website’s files are hosted on a server that hosts dozens or hundreds of other sites. Of course, you can only see and access your files. On shared hosting, it is possible to administer your site yourself, without involving the hosting provider in the process. You can upload your website files yourself, you can view visit statistics, create new email accounts, change passwords – all without the help of your hosting provider.

Ability To Install Applications Created For Shared Hosting

A large number of applications, especially those that are open-source – are made for shared hosting. All providers will allow you to install such scripts, but some will also offer you a tool with the help of which you can install these applications in two clicks. However, if your company uses special software with its needs and requirements – you should examine in detail which provider supports everything you need, to save both time and money.


As with everything else, the choice ultimately comes down to your needs, budget, and service offered. Start by making a list of requests. How much space or how much flow do you need? Feel free to call your hosting provider and ask anything you are interested in. Think ahead about what you might need in the future. Seek recommendations from people or organizations that have had experience. When you step into the hosting world, you will find a good hosting provider that will meet all your needs

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