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How to Start a gaming channel on YouTube 2024 [Complete Guid]

How to Start a gaming channel on YouTube 2024 [Complete Guid]

If you are a passionate gamer I have a quick advise for you. Gaming Industry is booming like a shooting start now. Therefor this is the best phase to start a youtube gaming channel. In this post I will guide you how to start a gaming channel on youtube in 2024. The great thing is you can make money while playing your favorite game.

You might think there are already thousands of gamer steaming various games on youtube. If you think so, let me tell you Myspace existed before Facebook, Vine existed before TikTok, Kodak existed before canon etc. It’s not about who does it first, it’s all about who does it batter. Don’t worry I will show you everything about starting a gaming channel on youtube

8 Easy steps to start a gaming channel on YouTube

You can make a income generating youtube gaming channel with these easy steps.

Content on the post

How to find niche to start a youtube gaming channel

Find niche For gaming video

hardware to start a gaming channel on youtube

Setting up your hardware and instrument


Download screen recording software

attrative thumbnail to start youtube channel

Creating attractive thumbnails

SEO for youtube gaming channel

SEO optimization

promote your youtube channel

promoting your youtube channel

earn with youtube gaming channel

Start earning

1) Find niche for your gaming video

How to find niche to start a youtube gaming channel

First step to start a gaming channel on YouTube is to find niche for your gaming video.

What is Niche ?

Niche is a particular topic you will work on in your videos. If talking professionally Oxford defines it as “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population”.

Few niche for gaming channels on YouTube are:

  1. Recording and uploading short clips of game plays
  2. Uploading game trailers and combined short clips of popular gamer
  3. Top 10 niche (top 10 open world games) (top 10 racing games)
  4. Live streaming
  5. Gaming tutorials
  6. Completing missions, story mode game play

These are few examples of niche for gaming channel. You have select any one and work hard to gain followers.

Why Niche is important for your gaming channel ?

Niche makes your channel memorable. It is also easily to get popular in a small particular niche. If you make videos on a particular niche your channel can be easily identified by your viewers. For example

“This XYZ channel uploads great gaming clips of popular creators”

“ABC channel is known for its amazing game plays”

Now moving towards our second step.

2) Setting up your hardware and instruments

hardware to start a gaming channel on youtube

To start a youtube gaming channel you first need a powerful machine (Computer) which can handle both your game and stream.

If your budget allows you can you can use two separate machine one for gaming and other for streaming this separates the load on your CPU. As a beginner you can start with your common computer. If you don’t have a great configuration in your PC start with low end games this will allow you to stream even on a PC with low configuration.

You will also need a head phone, mic, web cam, lighting and green screen. However this are not essential needs to start a gaming channel. As a beginner you can start only by capturing your display and you can do with no cost.

If you are planing to buy this gaming equipment I have best products for you linked below.

How to start gaming channel without proper hardware and instruments ?

As a beginner you can start uploading videos with just a decent PC. You will not need proper hardware and instruments.

To start uploading videos like “top 10 racing games” or “short clips of popular creator” you don’t need high end PC or costly instruments. Even you can start streaming on decent PC if you play low end PC games. You can build large audience just by uploading decent videos.

3) Download screen recorder and start recording

Step 3 to start a gaming channel on youtube is recording your PC screen. Recording screen is the easiest task. To record your screen you can use OBS. It is a free to use software available on both windows and mac. Download OBS for free and start capturing videos according to your gaming niche.

If you want to stream games on youtube OBS also allows you to do so. Check the video to know how to live stream with OBS

How to start streaming with OBS ?

Now you know how to record your screen or stream live on youtube. Next you have to start recording according to your niche. When recording or streaming gaming videos on youtube you should communicate with your audience.

You should not be shy to talk with your viewers in the video. Commentary in a gaming video is something which attracts viewers more than video does.

Add a call to action in your video. Ask or request your views to subscribe to your channel at end of the video. This will boost growth of your channel

Check this: How to create a blog for free and make money in 2024 [complete guide]

4) Create attractive thumbnails.

attrative thumbnail to start youtube channel

Thumbnail is one of the most important  factor which results in getting more views. A attractive thumbnail will improve overall performance of your YouTube video.

How thumbnails help your channel grow?

Thumbnail helps in increasing your CTR on youtube which is also one of the import ranking factor on youtube. CTR stands for Click Through Rate, it shows the percentage of people clicked on the video of seeing it.

A great a unique thumbnail can make your video stand out in the search result. Which however will help your video get more views. Therefor you should have a amazing thumbnail for your video.

How to create thumbnail for youtube gaming channel ?

Anyone can make a attractive thumbnail with basic knowledge of Photoshop and will need a bit creative mind. You can also find tutorials on youtube to make thumbnails for youtube gaming channel.

Their is also a great and free platform named Canva which helps you make creative thumbnails for your YouTube gaming video. To have a Idea look at images I have added on my blog post. Those all images are designed by me in Canva.

5) SEO optimization: keywords and tags

SEO for youtube gaming channel

Now when you have selected a perfect niche, recorded a video. It’s time to have a look on SEO.

First Search for a perfect keyword for your youtube video.

What is a keyword in YouTube ?

A keyword is a word or group of words used by users to search video on youtube. It can also be explained as the word you want your video to rank for.

YouTube is the second most used search engine word wide. In other words YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users.

You can know imagine how many people search daily on YouTube with various keywords related to various topics. It is important to find a perfect keyword for your video to rank for.

How to select perfect keyword for your gaming channel in YouTube ?

When taking about perfect keyword, you should search for a keyword with low competition and high search volume.

To search for such keyword you should know what is the common word people use for searching videos like yours. If you are able to do so it’s great. If not try to rank for low competitive keywords even with low or very low searches in the begging stage.

What are tags in YouTube ?

Tags in YouTube are words which helps YouTube to know context of video. You can add tags in every particular video. Character limit for adding tags in a video is 400. Tags are also consider as most important ranking factor.

What should you add in video tags of your gaming channel ?

Find all the words people use to search on youtube for video like yours. You can also use free chrome extension Tube buddy to know which tags are used on your competitors video.

6) Publish your video/Start streaming

uploading video on youtube gaming channel

Finally in this step upload your recorded video on your already started youtube gaming channel. After uploading your video enter  title and and video description. Add title related to keyword we have selected. After that add tags to your video.

Add your creative thumbnail after adding title and video description. This thumbnail will help you attract viewers. Use Tube buddy free extension to help you rank on youtube.

7) Promote your video

promote your youtube channel

This is most important to start a gaming youtube channel. No new video o a new channel is automatically showed in search result. YouTube algorithm do not show new channels in suggestions as well. Hence with out promotion you will gain nothing.

When I say promote I am not talking about paid promotions. Share your video with your friends on social media platforms.

Use Facebook gaming groups and page to promote your gaming channel and videos. Facebook is the best place to promote your youtube gaming channel.

8) Start earning with youtube gaming channel

earn with youtube gaming channel

You will have multiple ways to earn once you start a youtube gaming channel. You can earn with google AdSense ads once your channel hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of total watch time.

You can also earn by adding affiliate links in your video description. For example listing amazon affiliate links to your complete instruments of setup in your  video description. When some one clicks on your link and buy something from amazon in next 24 hours you will get paid commision for his purchase.

If your channel get huge subscribers then you will also have huge followers on social media and you can also earn as a influencer.

Check our newly started youtube gaming channel

tillu youtube gaming channel


Bonus Tips :-

  1. Try to mix up humor in the video along with content
  2. Reply to every comment in beginning stage
  3. Tell your friends to share your video
  4. Comment on a poor channel with almost no view. He will check your chanel back


What are tags in YouTube ?

Tags in YouTube are important ranking factor. These are words used by creator to give youtube context about your video.

What is CTR ?

CTR stands for click through rate. This shows you the percentage of impressions turned into viewers.

Can I start YouTube gaming channel without mic ?

Yes ,you can start youtube channel without microphone. You can also use your mobile phone to record audio.

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