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Top 5 Call of Duty Vanguard Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Top 5 Call of Duty Vanguard Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you’re a battle royale gamer, you’ve probably heard about Call of Duty. If not, then you’re missing a lot. COD is by far one of the most popular video games, even beyond its first-person shooter genre. Call of duty: Vanguard is just one of the many available COD games, such as Warzone and Modern Warfare.

We understand you’re a beginner, and you probably still have a long way to go about COD: Vanguard. Luckily, you have nothing to worry about as we’ll answer all of your unasked questions in this article. We recommend you visit to try out some Vanguard hacks and cheats.

About Vanguard

If you’re coming from the previous COD release, Modern Warfare, then you should be a bit familiar with the basics of the game. The game also shares similar features, such as mounting weapons on flat platforms, executing takedowns, and interacting with doors.

One of the key differences that came with Vanguard was the addition of the Zombie mode to the game. However, players have come up with many critics for the game as they complain that it lacks innovations and is more like a filler added to the game.

Game modes

Call of Duty: Vanguard, of course, comes with two primary modes: they are multiplayer and single-player campaign modes. It also features a zombie mode that gives you and your friends a little variation from the traditional COD feel.

  • Single Player campaign mode

Like the title already hinted, the campaign is a single-player mode where gamers can play solo games. Here, they play against AIs. In the campaign mode, you can choose to play as one of four different heroes. The game plot is set during the second world war, where you’re to fight in preventing the Phoenix Project. The setback, however, is that players complain about a lack of heroes.

  • Multiplayer mode


Unlike the campaign mode, multiplayer allows you to gang up with your friends in teams of 4 players. You can also form teams with other players you meet online. You’re also fighting against other teams of 4 players in each.

In this mode, there are 20 maps from which players can choose. The Vanguard multiplayer mode consists of up to 7 distinct modes. They are:

  1. Free-for-all
  2. Search and Destroy
  3. Team Deathmatch
  4. Patrol
  5. Kill Confirmed
  6. Domination
  7. Patrol
  • Zombie Mode

The zombie mode in Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the outstanding features of the game. In this mode, players go into the fight against zombies instead of other players in real-time. Thankfully, you can either decide to go into a zombie match with friends or play the game solo.

Top 5 Beginner Tips for Call of Duty Vanguard

1. Start by playing solo

You don’t want to join a team only for your teammates to haul abusive words on you for failing them. This can diminish your interest in the game and make you give up totally in the long run. Thankfully, you can use the Campaign mode as it is less threatening.

The campaign mode offers you a thrilling adventure and gives you a chance to feel Call of Duty Vanguard. In addition to getting acquainted with the game, you will prepare to hop on that team and play a better game. You’ll also experience some of the guns you’ll use in the game.

2. Tweak your settings from the default


We understand the excitement of grabbing your pads to get on that new game you just added to your collection. We usually just rush into the game, ignoring the pre-game tutorials and settings. Don’t do that at all. Paying attention to settings and others is a recipe for avoiding struggling and frustrations.

In a multiplayer game such as Call of Duty Vanguard, the default settings may not be favorable for you. As such, we recommend that you spend some time adjusting the settings while you experiment with the campaign mode. Some notable settings to consider include motion blur and field of view (FOV).

3. Your sensitivity setting is important

Here’s one of the first settings you must consider adjusting before you take on anything else. The sensitivity determines how fast your character and your crosshair move in the game. We recommend 6 for both your horizontal stick sensitivity and vertical stick sensitivity.

However, some guides may suggest a sensitivity of 8. This is slow enough, but you may struggle since you’re still new to the game. Moreover, you can keep increasing the sensitivity level as you get better.

4. The head should be your target

This tip should be a no-brainer if you’re familiar with the simplest smartphone shooter games. Shots to the legs and body deal very little damage than shots to the head. Some zombies can prove very hard to kill, mainly if you aim for their bodies. To get better at this, we recommend that you always keep your crosshair at the head level. It allows you to make headshots with minimal movements.

5. Stay with your teammates

Suppose you’ve developed enough thick skin to get on a team; congratulations. However, you must understand that these multiplayer matches are more unforgiving than zombie and solo matches. Therefore, you’ll always need to stay close to your teammates for the additional protection they provide. You must also communicate using the options available in the game – voice chat and texts.



There you go with the basic tips needed for your fresher experience in Call of Duty: Vanguard. While you’re still new to the game, use the campaign mode to get acquainted with the environment and your weapons. More importantly, adjust the settings to favor you, notably, the sensitivity and the field of view and the sensitivity.

For the quickest kills, aim for the head. Lastly, the best way to stand in Vanguard’s cruel zombie world is ‘never alone. Your teammates’ support is critical to go far in the game.

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