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Create free landing page for Affiliate Marketing (complete guide)

Create free landing page for Affiliate Marketing (complete guide)

This is complete guide on how to create free landing page for affiliate marketing. If you are a affiliate marketer and haven’t got much sales till now you are at the right place!

In this post I will guide you how to create a high converting and unique looking landing page for your affiliate marketing business. This guide will help you get some good amount of sales.

Before starting, let us know everything about a landing page.

What is a landing page?

Landing Page is web page build by you to convert visitors into buyers. It is known as landing page for a reason that, visitor lands directly into this page after they have clicked on a link shared by you. This type of pages are usually build after a smart research, so that the visitors converts into a buyer.

This is usually a sing page with a form to collect email address from the visitors. You can also call it as lead generation page, because this is the only motive of a landing page unlike a website or webpage which has multiple purpose.

How does a landing page works?

As I have mentioned above landing page helps in conversion by converting a visitor into buyer. This is how a landing page works:

  1. You post an advertisement on any digital platform with an link.
  2. Visitor clicks on your link and lands on the page, which is known as landing page.
  3. This page is used to collect E-mail address of the visitor in exchange of some free gift, specially when doing affiliate marketing.
  4. After the user summits his E-mail address proceeds he moves towards the purchase page.
  5. In case he do not buy the product or service, you have his/her contact information to convince them latter.

This is the process of how a landing page works in affiliate marketing.

Which is the best and free landing page builder for affiliate marketing?

which is the best landing page builder for affiliate marketing

I am going to suggest you the most unique tool here. The tool is Convertkit, it is the best tool you can use to build landing page for free. Convertkit is mostly known as Email Service Provider, but you can also use it as an free option of landing page builder. It is completely easy to use and has great user experience.

As Convertkit is an mixture of both Email Service Provider and Landing Page Builder, it is the best tool you use to boost your affiliate sales. You can build a landing page with Convertkit to collect email addresses and then use the same tool to send emails and get affiliate sales. The best thing I love about Converkit is it is completely free up to you get 1000 people subscribed, which is a huge number.

However, if you reach this point where you have 1000 people subscribed to your email camping you would be definitely earning someone. Now you can pay a cut out of your earning to Converkit for more advance features.

How to create free landing page for affiliate marketing?

You can create free landing page for affiliate marketing within minutes. You need not to have technical knowledge for this, just follow the steps:

1. Signup for a free page builder

You will find multiple page builders online, but most of them will charge you money every month. Few tools available for free have very limited features. This is the reason I highly recommend you to

2. Choose the right template

The first step of building a successful and converting landing page is to choose a proper template. Template is basically a layout of the landing page.

If using ConvertKit you will already have various premade templates with professionally built layout of landing page. Therefore, you will not need to work hard in building the layout and arranging everything.

choosing template for creating landing page

3. Write Unique and Attractive Heading

This is the most important thing you should focus on when creating a landing page. After selecting the template you could easily change the heading by clicking on it in Covertkit.

Heading is the first impression of visitors when they lands on your page. A human beings attention span has got very low now a days. Therefore, if you are not able to attract the visitor with an attractive heading you would not be able to covert the visitor, instead he/she might leave you page right away.

Your heading should be directly related to your work. For example, if you are promoting a product your headline should be attractive as well as it should be something related to the product you promote.

Another thing you have to keep in mind when writing a headline is make it short and simple. People don’t like to read long headings.

4. Add a Image or Video

adding video or image in landing page

After a attractive heading you should focus on engaging the visitor on your landing page. In general you have give them a reason to stay. The most effective way to do so is by adding attention grabing video or image. I would suggest you to add a video this works more perfectly.

Along with this you can show few social proof and give a strong reason to buy the product or service you are promoting.

Adding a video or image in landing page is very easy is you are using convertkit. You just have to click on “+” plus sign and then select video/image. This is how you can add image or video in a landing page.

5. Add Features and Benefits

Adding the features and benefits of the product/service you are promoting can help you boost your conversion rate rapidly. This is the method of telling the visitor why should he/she should purchase your product or service.

Nobody would like to spend money on something that would not benefits them. Therefore, you should do a research and clearly mention all the benefits someone would have when using your product of service. This is encourage the visitor to buy your product or service.

Benefits should be relatable to the visitor, then only you will see great result. The best way to find the benefits that relates is talking to your existing customers. This would help you a lot in knowing your much better.

6. Add Testimonials and Reviews

People like to know other people think about the product who have already used it. If you are successful at displaying proper testimonials and reviews, well done you have successfully converted your visitor into buyer. This happens in most of the cases.

The reason reviews are amazing, is people know the truth about the product. Reviews let people know how they feel about the product. if it’s good or bad product for them. By including reviews and testimonials, visitor can then get a better sense if it’s right for them, or if it’s not a great product for them.

7. Add Call To Action Button

what is call to action button

The seventh and one of the most important step is to add call to action button on a landing page. Call to action button should be focused on a single a goal (what you want the visitor to do now?). What most people do is they place call to action everywhere on the page with different goals in mind, this actually confuses the visitor like where should they proceed now?

Call to action is your command to visitor on where should they proceed after getting the complete story of your product or service. Once visitor gets the complete story and they think your product or service are beneficial, and then you have a call to action. Visitors are much more likely to convert in this way.

You can easily add a Call to action button if creating a landing page with Converkit. It is very simple to do so, same as adding a video/image. Click on the plus “+” and then select button.

how to add call to action button

After adding the button you can change the text of the button just by clicking on it. To change the link of the button click on the settings icon on the top right menu and select redirect to external page.

Adding URL to Call to action

Now add your affiliate URL here.

These are the seven easy steps to create a free landing page for affiliate marketing (also check: How to promote ClickBank Product for free). Check the video given below if you want to lean more.


In this post I have explain in detail about how to create a free landing page for affiliate marketing. This detailed guide includes 7 steps. These steps include everything you should know before starting to create your landing page. Also I have added a video in the post if you want to learn more with examples of landing pages.

Now I would like to hear from you. Have I missed something important? and what do you think about this blog post?, let me know by commenting down right now.

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