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Rahul Mannan affiliate course review | Complete truth behind affiliate secrets 2.0

Rahul Mannan affiliate course review | Complete truth behind affiliate secrets 2.0

You are someone who wants to start making your own money from internet. In this case before starting up you should learn from someone who is already rocking in this field, but wait! can you trust anybody?

No right, for this reason I have made an Rahul Mannan Affiliate Course review, which is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 honest review.

Before starting our review let us know who is Rahul Mannan in real world.

Who is Rahul Mannan?

Who is rahul mannan?

Rahul Mannan Is one of the successful Affiliate Marketer from India. He also runs a YouTube channel named as Rahul Mannan where he teaches people about affiliate marketing.

He started his first online business with T-shits printing, unfortunately it was not successful. However that business has thought him how to design T-shirts. After that he signed up on Fiverr as a freelancer and starting selling T-shits Design and earned a decent amount of money.

He was doing great on Fiverr, but due to high number of orders he was not able to provide the best quality of output, this resulted in bad reviews on his Fiverr account. After that his account got few negative reviews on Fiverr so he left Fiverr and started searching for something else to earn money online . He then started doing stuff like drop shipping, nothing was much successful. Then he got to know about affiliate marketing, this is the point where his life got changed.

The way Rahul Mannan has earned money is by promoting affiliate products with paid advertisements. He gets commission for every sale made from his affiliate link.

You will find many people saying Rahul Mannan is a scammer he scams people. Well let us know how true is it.

Is Rahul Mannan A True Man?

As is mentioned before Rahul Mannan is an successful affiliate marketer in India who has got success in a quick time with affiliate marketing. In this case everyone knows, this obliviously happens with successful personalities. Society don’t accept people who get success in a short period of time.

Most of the people in affiliate marketing be like ,”I am doing affiliate marketing from years and didn’t got any progress how can he do it so well? He is probably scamming people” The same thing is going on with Rahul Mannan people are spreading negative things about him. Begore judging him you should that he has worked hard for years with other online filed like freelancing and drop shipping.

As I have mentioned above Rahul Mannan also has a YouTube channel. Where he has started a series of “$100 a day challenge” long time above. In this series he has earned more than $100 a day and shared everything in the YouTube video. Therefore, it is obvious that Rahul Mannan is a true man who really has knowledge of affiliate marketing.

Check this video to know more about how Rahul Mannan got successful with Affiliate Marketing

Know let us know about the affiliate course “Affiliate Secrets 2.0”

This specific course is a top to bottom offshoot advertising instructional class that has been isolated into eight separate modules. It’s an extensive course that packs in all the necessary data and information that anybody may have to make progress in the associate showcasing field. In any case, you should remember that it is anything but a pyramid scheme. You should invest some exertion to bring in cash and to succeed.

What Is Inside The Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course?

This course is generally centered around bringing in cash online specialty. The course has been partitioned into teaching you the right way to advertise products and earn commission. The best thig is you also get 30 days money back, why wait just give it a try @1,497. If you are not able to earn money with in 30 days you can get your money back.

In this single course you will get 6 Awesome products, let us know more about what are these 6 products you get with the course

1) 12 Modules of online valuable training (the actual course)

all Modules of the course

This first thing you get with the course is incredibly valuable online training of affiliate marketing. It is the actual course for you to learn affiliate marketing from Rahul Mannan.

These 12 modules cover everything that a affiliate marketer should know to get successful in his career. The training is so powerful that you get 30 days money back, if you are not able to earn money after following the procedure. So what is actually in these 12 modules of online valuable training? let us get into it.

1) Introduction
In the introduction module you will get to know about Affiliate marketing and it’s fundamentals. This is really important for beginners. You will also get to know about how does affiliate marketing actually works.
2) Niche
This second module of the training will let you know about niche, and explain what is a niche in real. You will also get to know the importance of niche in affiliate marketing and how can it help you grow quickly
3) Traffic
This it the most important and the longest module of the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course. In this module you will get to know about how to drive traffic into your website, which is really important to get sales as an affiliate marketer. You will also be learning about Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and Google Ads in this module to bring traffic into your website.
4) Value
The fourth module “value” is an simple module with 3 videos in which you will be learning how to provide value to your customers or website visitors. This is also an important concept for you to succeed with affiliate marketing
5) Importance of bonus
In this module you will get to know the importance of bonus. This trick can help you grown your conversion rate and earn more commission. This is basically related to how you can provide extra value to an product by giving a bonus from your side if the product is been purchased using your affiliate link.
6) Funnel
This sixth module of the course teaches the students about funnel. Many beginners don’t know about what actually is a funnel and how every business uses a funnel to drive in sales. It is also one of the most important module in the course made by Rahul Mannan. Also this is the module where you will be learning how to operate Click Funnels and make your own website.
7) Product
“Product” is the seventh module of the course where you will be learning about different type of affiliate products that you can promote to earn some good amount of commission. Also this module will teach you about how to choose the right product to promote as an affiliate marketer.
8) E-mail Marketing
This is the another most important module in the course. The e-mail marketing, here you will learn how to collect emails and use them to maximize your sales and commission. You will be able use the complete power of e-mail marketing after watching this module.
9) Outsourcing
Outsourcing is the ninth module available in affiliate secrets 2.0 course by Rahul Mannan. In this module you will learn what is outsourcing and how it can help you grow your profits and decrease your stress. In this module you will basically learn about how to hire people to work for you.
10) Extra Bonus
The tenth module is an extended module added recently. In this module as the name suggests you will get some extra bonus to grow as an affiliate marketer.
11) YouTube Videos
This one is another simple module of the course. Here in this module you will get some YouTube videos that you can refer to while working as an affiliate marketer to get success.

This is everything you get in the online training modules. Now lets know about what else do we get in the course apart from this online training.

2) Weekly Live Training With Rahul Mannan

weekly live training with rahul mannan

If you plan to buy the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course by Rahul Mannan you will also be getting a Weekly Live Training With Rahul Mannan himself. In this training you can ask any types of doubts you have with course or any problem you are facing. This training will be live on internet every once in a week.

It is the best way to interact with other people and Rahul Mannan to get solutions to all your problems related to affiliate marketing and course. Also, this weekly live training will help you complete the course perfectly as it will provide more mobility to the users.

3) Access To Private Facebook Group

Access to rahul mannan's private facebook group

The next thing you get with the course is access to Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0, private Facebook group. This group is only open for the students, no one else ca join this group as it is private and made only for the members. In this Facebook group you will get to interact with other students and know how are they performing with the course.

You can ask other students for help or you can help someone else to grow their earning if possible. It is great to have a community which can help you grow, this private Facebook group acts the same way.

4) 30 Days, $100 A Day Challenge

After purchasing the course you will get access to this 30 days, $100 a day challenge. In this challenge Rahul Mannan starts from beginning $0 and gets up to earning $100 a day. He records everything he do and let you learn and do the same to make you $100 a day.

He reaches the mark of earning $100 a day with in 12 days. Which is really quick after being starting from the beginning. $100 is Almost around ₹7,500 a day. If some one in front of can get up to earning $100 a day from zero you too can do it. If you are interested get the course now @ ₹1,497 (which is one time offer).

5) Premium Hustler T-shirt

Premium Hustler Tshirt

Along with this course you will a premium looking Hustler T-shirt, which is available in two colors black and white.

6) One Hour Coaching Call With Rahul Mannan

Personal one hour coaching call with rahul mannan

This is the most precious thing you get with the course. You will be able to talk to Rahul Manan for 1 hour personally. In this call you will not be disturbed by anyone else it is personal one to one call. You can ask him anything coming in your mind. I have seen no other instructor doing this. Rahul Mannan is the one who I think really cares for his students.

This is all you get with the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course by Rahul Mannan.


Should I buy Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Course?

Rahul Mannan is a true men as far as I know. In my opinion his course provides great value to students in starting their affiliate marketing career. You should definitely give it a try by buying Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Course. You can also get 30 days money back if you are not able to earn after following the course.

Can I get any offers on Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Course?

Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate course is worth ₹18,215 in the market, he is selling it for ₹1,997. But you can get a special one time discount and but the course at ₹1,497. Check the button given below in the post.

How will I get the affiliate training after purchasing the course?

The training program will be available online. You can access it any time you like.

Will I get latest updates after buying Rahul Manna’s affiliate course?

Yes, once you buy the course after that you will get life time updates of everything related to affiliate marketing.


In this post I have reviewed Rahul Mannan Affiliate Course, “Affiliate Secrets 2.0”, which is an affiliate course produced by Rahul Mannan. Everything mentioned in the post above is my honest view towards the course. It totally depends on you if you want to purchase the course or not. I can only help you with proving a special one time offer. If you are interested in this one time offer click the button given below.

Let me know if I have missed something related to the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course. Also tell us about what do you think about this course by commenting down right now.

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