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What Is the Hardest Class to Play in World of Warcraft as a Beginner?

What Is the Hardest Class to Play in World of Warcraft as a Beginner?

World of Warcraft is full of amazing things and one of these is the class grouping. Instead of choosing just a player or your allies and friends, you can choose a class. It provides you with special spells and powers that allow you to showcase different abilities.

Furthermore, you get a chance to master different characters and skills. All of this will keep you interested in the game till the very end.

Out of 12 classes, every single one offers some common and some different sets of abilities. So you can change your class and try something new. For example, there are some classes that are especially for beginners. The skills are quite easier and you also get a wide variety. This allows you to practice various skills. This further improves your gaming performance.

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The difficulty level


Of course, the difficulty level will be different in all classes. Just like you start playing the game from a lower level and go to a higher one, you need to start from a less difficult class. The difficulty levels of classes are different but not one of them is super easy. Therefore, you should prepare yourself to be challenged.

According to some players, the difficulty level goes from easiest to toughest as;

  1. Mage
  2. Paladin
  3. Warlock
  4. Priest
  5. Druid
  6. Rogue
  7. Shaman
  8. Warrior
  9. Hunter

However, this is something that some players think. This is not the rule.

According to some skilled players, the classes goes from easier to difficult as;

  1. Mage Frost
  2. Shamen Elemental
  3. Druid Balance
  4. Priest Shadow
  5. Death Knight Frost
  6. Rogue Outlaw
  7. Monk Windwalker
  8. Paladin Retribution
  9. Demon hunter havoc
  10. Warrior Fury
  11. Warlock Destro
  12. Hunter Beastmaster

So if you are a beginner, you should take your start from the first few. Afterward, you can move towards the more difficult one. This will allow you to master various skills.

The most difficult class


Despite all the range of options available for you, there is some other variable too. For example, if you are planning to increase your level, even some more difficult classes would be easier for that. On the other hand, some other classes won’t let you increase your level.

Therefore, keeping in mind the point of increasing the gaming level, the most difficult class is;


Most difficult class in classic World of Warcraft

The classic World of Warcraft is somewhat different from the other WOW. So if you are playing a solo game and you need to level up, the hardest class is the Warrior Fury. Therefore, if you are in the Warrior Fury, you should make your clan and join some other friends. This would allow you to get some help and prevent early death.

1. Paladin


Paladin is also quite difficult to play in a solo game. Therefore, you will need your gaming buddies to be your allies. They can help you out with your fight. Furthermore, the beginning levels in Paladin consist of auto-attacking. That is why you will need allies because only auto-attacking won’t be enough for you.

But don’t worry, when you reach a higher level, you get spell attacks and also healing powers. So you can use them to your benefit. However, the beginning would be difficult to tackle for a solo gamer.

2. Shaman

Shaman allows you to use damaging powers to hurt your enemy and also healing powers for yourself and your allies. However, not one of these is very strong. Therefore, if you want to level up through this class, you will also need your allies.

Furthermore, this is a hybrid class and you will also get a Ghost Wolf ability. This ability provides you with a super speed. So you can hurt your enemy and then get away from them with your super speed. And even if you get hurt accidentally, you can heal yourself. But because of low attacking options, you will need some allies to cover for you. Otherwise, leveling up would be a bit difficult in a solo game.

3. Hunter


Although the difficulty level is a bit high as compared to others but it is one of the easiest classes for leveling up. This is also the reason for their huge popularity. You can easily level up if you are under hunter club.

In addition to your powers, you can also use pets to your benefit. Your pets can pull trash mobs and also scattershot. And as you have a living pet, you will need to take care of it. The maintenance will further improve your performance. Moreover, this will also make the game fun to play, as you have a partner.

4. Druid

This is also a hybrid class. That is why you will get multiple powers. These include healing powers, damaging powers and the ability to control the crowd. So you get a planet of options and that is why it will be a bit easier to level up.

You will be able to hurt your enemy and can also use the crowd to your benefit. And in case of any injury, you will have the ability to heal yourself. Therefore, even if you do not have many allies, you can depend on yourself and win the level.

The range of powers and abilities also makes it interesting and you enjoy a solo performance. In addition to this, you will also level up.

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