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5 Tips and Tricks For Customizing Your App Icons On iPhone in 2024

5 Tips and Tricks For Customizing Your App Icons On iPhone in 2024

If you have a lot of apps on your home screen that need to be moved, you need a simple solution. You must be tired of stacking and sorting apps that are arranged on several screens. Dragging icons from one place to another is tedious and there is certainly an easier way to make a difference. However, it is not enough to make your screen just functional. It is important that it meets aesthetic standards, that is, that it represents you and your style.

Given the various features you can access, it won’t be difficult to customize your iPhone’s home screen. All you need is a little inspiration and you will quickly come up with a custom design. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks for customizing your app icons on your iPhone.

1. Change the icons of any app to anything you want

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So now you can change a lot more on your phone than the iPhone’s home and lock screen. Apply some of your own styles when customizing application icons. It may sound complicated, but we will try to explain the procedure to you as simply as possible. Use the Shortcuts app and start the path of change. Then find in the upper right corner and tap the + icon, and then Add Action. Once you have done that you can go to the search bar. Save the Open App there and click on it. In the Scrpiting banner tap Choose and then select the app you want to edit.

Find the three points and click Add to Home Screen. It is an opportunity to change everything you want, and that refers to the name and icon of the app. When you type name you will allow the change while typing the icon will give you a choice of image sources. Finally, you need to select the desired image for your icon. You will do this by clicking

Add then Done.

2. Widgetsmith app

On the other hand, there are other ways you can create your icon. One more professional approach is offered by the

Widgetsmith app or another that works on the same principle. There are still many features that these applications offer. For example, you can change your Home Screen with it, which will change during the day. During one day you will be able to make a schedule when it comes to the appearance of widgets. For example, you can set the time or email to be the first thing that pops up in the morning or the list of your tasks … It’s up to you to schedule the app, the time of their appearance and how long it will stay on the Home Screen.

3. Move multiple applications at once

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So, it is very tedious to move one application at a time to the desired location. Especially today when everyone has a minimum of 15 apps on their phone. However, all the applications you want to move can now be done in a much faster way. You need to hold your finger on the home screen a little longer after you click and wait for the app to start scrolling. Then tap, hold, and start swiping around the screen to move it. Before you move it to the target location, while still holding it with your finger, tap another icon of the app with the other finger that you also want to move.

After that, the icons will be sorted in the order in which they are arranged.

4. Find the finished icons

It is not necessary to create your own icons if it is not interesting to you or it is a boring and long process. Now you can find a really large number of icons online that you will use for these purposes. Note that you will still need access to the image editor to resize the icons. Only then will it be able to fit on your iPhone. Either way, there is Fiatlcon which is a great place if you are looking for themed icons. The great thing is that you can find most of the free icons here.

The Noun Project is the next place where you can find something a little different. These are very bold icons that are inspired by minimalist ideas. It is also free to use and you can find a large number of icons. Just download them and you can start using them right away. Doodle icons at Icon8 is another suggestion for you, and differs in the wide range of themes you can choose from. If you are a fan of old Apple icons then IconRewind is definitely the choice for you. You can also visit and find free app icons.

5. Keep personal information safe

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The security of personal data should be your first priority. One of the worst situations that can happen to you is definitely losing your phone. However, you can make it harder for criminals to access applications with sensitive data. This is the most you can do in the event of an accident like this. Of course, your phone does not have to be stolen for someone to access your personal information. Anyone who has access to your phone can do so for at least a minute. To prevent sniffing, you can hide pages and applications.

You need to press the home screen and hold it until the icons move. Then click app page dot icons. After that, you need to decide on the pages that are desirable on the home screen. To complete this process, click Done. For unwanted apps icons on the home screen after downloading, enter the settings and tap the home screen. You need to select App Library only, and you can also include notifications that will remind you where the applications are deployed.


Most important of all is the functionality when it comes to our phone. However, today that is not enough. People didn’t just care about that or the look of the phone. Personalized home screen has become a new obsession. Of course, you can always combine nice and useful. We hope we have helped you really succeed.

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