Best paid android games with download link (2020)

Best paid android game
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In search of best paid android games ? Android is the most used operating software in mobile devices. Almost every mobile handset use android. As android is the most used platforms it has multiple games.

Play store is filled with multiple free games and paid games. While talking about free games it does not really matters, you can uninstall if you don’t like and download a new one. When talking about paid games it really matters a lot because you first have to pay for the game and what if you have paid so much for a game which is not worth it ? 

As I said before play store has multiple paid games, this however gets complicated to know the best among them. So I’m here to help you invest properly in your games. Here is the list of top 10 best paid android game which will surely help you.

1) Assassin's Creed Identity - Best paid android game

Best Paid Android games

Assassins’s Creed Identity is a great game available in Android devices. You can download it through Play Store. This is a action and adventure game liked by many users. Assassin’s Creed has multiple missions and epic mysteries. You can create your own character and choose clothes and weapons.

In this game you can enjoy complete freedom of run, jump, walk and fight. The game has stunning graphics and HD texture. Thus it would be the best paid android game for you. You can download it from the link given below.

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2) Need for Speed Most Wanted - Best paid racing game

best paid racing android game

This game is developed by EA ( Electronic Arts ). NFS (Need For Speed has many other gaming series but Most Wanted is one of my personal favorite. It was first published for computers then letter was bought to android devices. 

NFS Most Wanted is a racing game with great graphics. However this means game will prove you great quality of experience. In this game you can drive anywhere the map is completely open. You can also do various missions.

As this game provide best quality of experience, has great graphics and you can have lots of fun playing this game. Overall it is the best paid game android game.

3) Sky Dancer Premium - Paid android game

Paid android game

Sky Dancer Premium is similar to Temple Run, which was the most popular game at one time. It has great view and well designed them. This game is not complete copy of temple run but has the similar concepts. 

This is a very unique run game. I would say it is the best run game i’ve ever played.  The game is designed so well that player can feel the fell of character  in real life. Character in the game has the skills to land on any platform far below. I recommend you to play this game. You too will feel it as best paid android game.

4) Slaugher 3 - Best paid game on android

Best paid game on android

Slaugher 3 The Rebel is a action and shooting game available on play store. Game has quite good graphics and motions. This game has multiple weapons to choose between. There are different enemies with their specific skills and  powers.

Scene of the game is a prison where criminals were packed, but the wall of prison has fallen down now. Your role is a police man who shoots down all the criminals who are trying to escape the prison. In conclusion, I recommend you to try playing this game.

5) The Room Three - Paid game on android

paid game on android

The Room Three is a very creative puzzle game. This game increases your ability to solve puzzle and increases brain capability. It is a good option to develop yourself mentally.

In this game you have to solve the puzzle to complete levels. Game also provides hint to solve the puzzle. Paying money not only for entertainment but developing mentally would be a good choice. Thus The Room Three is listed in our post of best paid android games.

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6) GTA Sand Andreas- Best paid android game of all time

GTA San Andreas is developed by Rock Star Games. Let me tell you GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. It was first released as computer game then later was brought to android devices.

GTA San Andreas is a open world game. The character in this game is a gangster. This game has multiple weapons and missions. You can walk anywhere in the map of the game. In addition, you can have fun shooting random people walking on the streets. GTA San Andreas is a mixture of Adventure, Action, Shooting, Racing etc. Therefor it is one of the best app on play store to pay for

7) Getting Over It Bennett Foddy

Paid android game

Getting Over it is also available in computers. This is a grate game which requires lots of attention. It is very decent and simple game by which you can pass your time while you are waiting for something.

Getting Over it has a scene of punished man who have to climb the hill with lots of hustles only with the help of a hammer. This game got popular by Carryminati’s YouTube Stream in India. It is one of the best paid android game of all time.

8) Monument Valley - Best paid game on Androidl

Monument Vally Best android game

Monument Valley is a very interesting game. This game need high thinking level of mind to complete its level. However it also helps in improving mental status of body.  It also has very good audio output which reacts with your action in the game.

In this game you have to manipulate impossible architecture to guide a silent princess through the beautiful world of the game. It is one of the best paid android game.

9) Modern Combat 4- All time best paid game on android

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is one of the best paid action&shooting game available of play store. This is a massive game which requires 1.9 GB of storage. It would be not wrong if i say it is  the best realistic FPS game.

Modern Combat 4 has great graphics quality. This game has multiple weapons and locations. You have to shoot down your enemies with latest armed weapon in the game. Audio experience in this game is also very good. Over all a best paid android game

10) GTA Vice City - Best android game

Best paid android game on playstore

In the list Best paid android game nothing is better than GTA Vice City is the previous serious of GTA San Andreas. It was also released for computers first and was brought to android devices latter on.

GTA Vice City is also a open world game. There are multiple missions to do in this game. After completion of every mission character earns money which he can used to buy stuff like weapons. 


NFS Most Wanted, Assasin’s Creed Identity, Monument Valley are some of the best paid games on android.

Pokemon Go and PUBG mobile are the most downloaded android game.

Free Fire, Call of Duty etc are some of the best alternatives of PUBG mobile.

Everything is good when it’s done in a particular limit. Even if you are very much interested playing game whole day it’s good you can build career in gaming. Overall there is noting bad with gaming.

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