7 Best AdSense Alternatives for Small Website [Low Traffic Sites]

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AdSense is google’s program, used bloggers to place ads. It is quite difficult to get approved on AdSense if you are a beginner, who own a small website with low traffic. I’m here to help you with this list of 7 best AdSense alternatives for small websites with low traffic. It is important to read the complete list to select the best one for your website.

As everyone knows AdSense is one of the most used platform to telecast ads on a website or a YouTube video. AdSense is so popular that most of the people think it is the only platform used by bloggers to show ads on their website. Many people don’t know about various other platforms similar to AdSense. First let us know why alternatives of AdSense are important.

Before that if you don’t enough money to start a blog or small website check how to start a blog for free and make money

  1. AdSense won’t approve your site to show ads if you are a beginner and don’t have much traffic 
  2. AdSense have strict guidelines and policies
  3. Your AdSense account may get blocked with small mistakes you make as a beginner
  4. You can have only one AdSense account even if you have multiple sites. Therefor if it get blocked for one site you can’t use that account for other sites as well
  5. You are completely depended on AdSense for earnings
  6. Adsense is not reviewing sites because of COVID-19

7 Best AdSense Alternatives for small website with low traffic

Alternatives for adsense small website with low traffic

This list is specially made for new/small websites with low traffic

  1. PropellerAds
  2. Amazon Native Ads
  3. Revenue Hits
  4. Media.net
  5. Pop Ads
  6. Pop Cash
  7. Bidvertiser
AdSence alternatives for small website

Propeller ads is one of the biggest competitor of adsense. I highly recommend to use propeller ads if you are a beginner and just made a website. The best thing with propeller ads is it allows you to monetize your website with zero traffic. Therefor it is best alternative of adsense specially for small websites.

Minimum withdraw amount in propeller ads is 100$.  Which helps website with low traffic. Propeller ads provides two methods of payout one weekly payout and the other is monthly payout. Payment hold for weekly payout is 4 days and payment hold for monthly is 30 days. If you don’t have a website check how to start a free WordPress website in 15 min

Registering with propeller ads is very easy, you just have to paste a html code in your website’s footer. You can check that on YouTube. If you want best adsense alternative for small website with low traffic get registered with propeller ads.

best alternative for adsense for small website

Amazon is the best platform to show ads if you are a beginner. With Amazon you can really ear great amount. You can register on amazon associates for free. Amazon associates has no requirement to give approval you just have to confirm three sales in 90 days with you affiliate link.

You will earn a certain percentage of commission when someone purchase product from your affiliate link. This percentage of commission depends on category of product example: grocery, electronics etc. If a customer comes to amazon with your link you will receive commission for all the items he purchase for next 24 hours.

Minimum Payout at amazon associates is 100$ if you live in US and 1000 Rupees if you live in India. You can receive you payment via cheque or NEFT. Overall it is the best adsense alternative even if you have a website with good traffic or less traffic.

alternatives for adsense small website

Revenue Hits is the best platform for small website. Here you can get instant approval for you website. Revenue hits has no minimum requirement for a website. You just have to fill a sign up form and you are all set to go.

Revenue Hits do not show ads it is a unique way to monetize your website. Here you will get paid for a conversion. You have to past a HTML code in your blog when a visitor visits your website he will be asked to filled a form which includes name, email etc. After he submits the form you will get paid. Revenue hits pay around 10-15$ per conversion. 

Minimum Payout at revenue hits is 50$. You can withdraw you earning via PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer. People earn around 10-150$ per day depending on their conversion rates. You can use revenue hits along with other ads. Therefor you should give it a try along with other ad network. It is best adsense alternative for new website and low traffic.

If you face problem with conversion rate check How to create high converting market funnel ?

Ad network for small website adsense alternative

Media.net is a powerful ad network  specially for small websites. It is ad network of Yahoo and Bing. The only sad thing is you should have a certain amount of healthy and organic traffic. Media.net shows only text and display ads.

Minimum Payout at Media.net is 100$. Payments methods are PayPal and wire transfer. Media net pays you approx 5$/1000 impression and you can place up to three ads on a page. Therefor even if you get only 335 views on a page every day you can make 5$ per day and 150$ per month with only 335 views per day. Overall it is best AdSense alternatives for small website with low traffic.

adsense alternative

Pop Ads also gives you instant approval. Their is no minimum requirement to join pop ads. You can use it on any type of website like adult sites, porn sites etc. Pop ads have high CPM rates. To get approval from pop ads you just have to click on mail in your inbox. After that your pop ads account is ready to show ads.

Minimum Payout at Pop ads is 5$. You can withdraw you amount with PayPal and Pyoneer. It is one of the best adsense alternative for small website as it gives instant approval. 

alternative for adsense small website

Pop Cash is the best alternative of AdSense. You will get instant approval with pop cash you just have to verify your email address. I highly recommend you to use pop cash if yu are a beginner.

Minimum payout at pop cash is 10$. The payment is processed on daily bases very few ad networks do so. Hence it is the best ad network for low traffic. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Payza, Paxum, WebMoney etc.

adsense alternative low traffic

Bidvertiser is another popular adsense alternative for small websites with low traffic. With bidvertiser you will get paid per click. Bidvertiser has nothing related to number of impressions. This is a good platform, but i won’t recommed you to use this as the ad quality is not good. It may also redirect your mobile users to other site.

The minimum pay out is only 10$.  You can withdraw you amount with PayPal or wire transfer. It is good alternative of adsense, but you have other better choice than Bidvertiser.



These are the 7 Best Adsense Alternatives for small website with low traffic. I have mentioned about minimum payout and payout methods of all ad networks. Almost every ad network I’ve mentioned in this site has no requirement you can get instant approval from these ad network.

Comment down which is the best ad network you would like to work with. I personally use amazon ads.


Which is best adsense alternative for small website ?

Propeller is one of the best adsense alternative for small website. Propeller ads gives you instant approval. You can use RevenueHits along with propeller ads to boost your earnings

Can I use amazon affiliate links with adsense ?

Yes, you can use amazon affiliate links along with adsense on a same website.

Which ad networks pays the most ?

It is very difficult to say which ad network pays the most. It depends on niche of your site and keyword your page rank for.  Well you should not try to know this as earning should not be your main motive in blogging.

Do AdSense approve free sites (blogger sites) ?

Yes, AdSense approve free sites like free blogger sites. You have to write quality content and be patient.

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